Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Anything You Want To Post About

Hello guys! Welcome to the last day of my blogging challenge. Wow. September flew by didn't it? I'm actually pretty sad about that. I wrote a longer post this afternoon about this so you can check that out.

Today was a long day. My Instagram best friend and I spent the whole day fighting off bullies and hackers. It was exhausting but I think it brought us closer. I've always been a strong believer in standing by your friends and I'm glad I did that today.

Today I wanted to talk to you guys about Fan fiction. In particular, the ones that I have written. So today I was changing my blog layout and I was adding a navigation bar to make life easier for you guys. You can check it out but it's not all ready yet. The 'contact me' page is though. So I was adding the links and I decided to include my Fan fiction profile.

That basically led me down memory lane. I started reading the Twilight/Titanic crossover I did in 2012. Now usually when I look back at my writing, I will cringe in horror. But for this particular story, I found myself loving it and actually tearing up as I read it. I wrote it over the course of 11 months in 2012 and it was I think one of my best pieces of fiction writing to date. And coming from me, that's saying something considering that I am my biggest critic.

You guys can check it out here: The RMS Titanic: The Ship Of Dreams

I hope you like it. If you do, you can check out the two other stories I wrote by following the link to my profile. One is Vampire Diaries and the other a pure Twilight.

I know the stereotype is that fan fiction is full of sex (or lemons as we call it in the fan fic world). But that's not true. I never wrote sex into my stories. I wrote love in. I wrote cute romance. But never sex. A lot of people think that fan fiction is not real writing but I beg to disagree. It is hard work and it is just as much effort if not more to write a blog post or novel.

Now I'm going to go because I am basically 5 followers away from hitting the big 10k!

Just A Little Something

Hello readers! So today is the last day of my 30 day blogging challenge. After I post tonight, it will mark 30 consecutive days of being disciplined enough to blog everyday. I am honestly sad. I enjoyed this so very much and I just can't believe how fast 30 days flew by.

Blogging everyday has taught me many things. Firstly, I understand discipline when it comes to writing. Secondly, I learnt a lot about what a blog should be if I want it to be professional.

When I started this blog, I wanted it to be professional. I wanted people to read what I put out and I wanted to be able to call myself a blogger. As I wrote, I learnt that it takes a lot of work. Work which, by the way, I was more then willing to do. I also learnt that a blog simply dedicated to my life wasn't going to make me a big-time blogger. Unless I'm some famous person who is out there doing fantastic things everyday, why would anyone really care about my day and if I can or cannot take a nap?

So I began toying with the idea of turning my blog into a lifestyle blog. I'm drawing a lot of inspiration from Zoella and Sprinkleofglitter of course. I want to be able to be a blogger like them.

As I'm writing this, I'm also experimenting with different things. I've mentioned before that I'm not a girly kind of person. I'm not into make-up or beauty products or dressing up beyond what is comfortable and presentable. However, I want to be that kind of person. I want to obsess over something as frivolous as a hair mask (I learnt what a hair mask is today). So I then thought, what if my blog helped people who were hopeless at things like this? I would be learning with them that way. I might even try doing that.

The point is that I want to try making my blog into something that people would love to read. And a lifestyle blog seems to be the way to go. I know what you must be thinking. "How dare she have the audacity to think that she has what it takes?". I don't. I don't know what I'm doing and I think that's the point. Learning all this stuff so that I can write about it is going to be very scary for me. But then I think of my Instagram page, @obsessedwithvamps.

When I started obsessedwithvamps, I used to post pictures and get zero likes. I got zero likes because I had zero followers. Yet I continued to post. Little by little, one human at a time, people started following me. Next thing I knew, I had 9.9k and I'm about to hit 10,000 followers. 10 thousand people. That's crazy! But it shows me that nothing is impossible. I can start this and I can make it big if I keep at it. I just have to want it bad enough.

That's mostly why I adore Youtubers. They are regular people who were brave enough to start something and they made themselves who they are. They too started from zero which I find so inspiring. That is also why Zoe is my role model. She overcame so much to become who she is today and I really admire her so much.

So here's to the start of being a lifestyle blogger. Let's hope I don't mess this up.

Monday, 29 September 2014

A Picture Of Yourself

Hello readers! Today's post will be short because I am exhausted and the topic is pretty short anyway. It's not even a real topic. To top it off, one of my instagram best friends is in quite a bit of trouble and I'm trying to help him. He's also asleep right now and all this drama is going down and I want to cry because I don't want to believe that he is a bad person. So it's going to be a long night.

So today I was up at 4.30am. I put on my jumper and leggings and my mom and I went to the airport. It was so awesome to have my dad back home. I missed him so much. He bought us lots of cool stuff from South Africa which was awesome.

After that my day was pretty chill. My dad left for work and my brother was studying so it was very quiet and chill. I basically watched lots of Suits and the new Revenge episode.

I managed to kind of have a nap this afternoon. If you know anything about me (well maybe you need more then a surface knowledge), you would know that it is extremely hard for me to have a nap. Even when I was younger, I hated naps because I never could get to sleep. 

Now, on the off chance that I do fall asleep, I have extremely vivid dreams and I wake up sometimes after only 5 minutes. Even if I have all the time in the world for my nap. So today I fell asleep and woke up and fell asleep and woke up. After that I felt like the definition of death basically. My head was pounding and my throat felt like it was full of dirt for some reason. Basically my nap left me feeling like I'd died. Oh well.


So this is a picture of me from Bali. I don't think I've shared the underwater photo shoot pictures from Bali on this blog yet. Well, this is my favourite. I'm actually wearing a dress and this was taken in our private pool. I had to do this a number of times to get the shot right and I nearly drowned in the process I think because it is not easy to make sure every part of your body is in the proper position while in a deep pool wearing a dress. (I'm not kidding. The pool was deep and I know how to swim. I know how to swim and not how to model underwater apparently)

 That said, it was also one of the most fun and interesting things I've done and I'm glad that the shots came out well. I loved editing them especially because they were so different from what I normally do. I've included two more shots just so you guys can enjoy them. Hopefully you like them as much as I do.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

September Music Favorites

Hello music lovers! Today I'm going to be giving you guys a list of my top favourite songs from this month. I feel like I should do this every half a month because my favourite songs are constantly changing. Perhaps I'll do that next month. If you want to check out August's Music Favourites, click here. If you want to see this month's item favourites, click here. Just a head's up. Spotify is going to be mentioned a number of times in this post and I highly recommend that you get it because it's just wonderful (I know I'm quite late to jump on this particular bandwagon. Okay I'm usually always late for the bandwagon...).

 I wish I could give you guys a link to my Spotify so that you can follow me but I can't seem to change my username from a bunch of numbers which Spotify gave me. I don't know. You can try looking up Camillia Dass.

1) Double Rainbow - Katy Perry

I found this song on Spotify (see what I mean). I actually have never heard Katy Perry's full Prism album. So this song was a pleasant find. It's a song that could very well be added to my sad song list I think because it's got a very mellow kind of feel about it. Just in case you're wondering, I now have a sad song playlist on my Spotify Account.

2) I Hope You Dance - Lee Ann Womack

I came across this song on Spotify one day though of course I already knew it. I mean it's one of those famous songs that you have to know even if you weren't born when it came out. It's really good and for some reason I can't stop singing it.

3) Young Blood - Bea Miller

Bea Miller is my new favourite artist! I discovered her on a Boyce Avenue video. I think her voice is wonderful though I don't like her attitude very much. I've watched some of her Youtube videos and I've seen her X Factor performances. She's an excellent singer in my opinion.

4) Marilyn Monroe - Nicki Minaj

I stumbled upon this song on (where else?) Spotify. I actually have never really cared much for Nicki Minaj's songs. Except for Super Bass, I usually don't listen to Nicki. So I heard this song and when I checked back to see who had sung it, I was surprised. If you don't like Nicki, try listening to this. It's good. Certainly this is no Anaconda (my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun!)

5) My Heart Is Open - Maroon 5

I pretty much can just copy paste what I wrote for the songs above on this one. I stumbled across it on Spotify, blah, blah, blah, I love it. It's awesome. Go check it out.

As you guys can see, my music taste is so random. I go through these phases where sometimes I fall in love with music that is 40 years old and sometimes I am in love with a song that was released an hour ago. I'm actually just starting to get addicted to Disney songs and Phil Collins but I didn't think that was what you guys would have wanted to see so I didn't include it. For reference though, 'You'll Be In My Heart', 'Kiss The Girl', 'A Whole New World' and 'Colours Of The Wind' are my favourite disney classics.

What Would You Like To Change About Yourself?

Hello readers! Today's topic is pretty heavy. I just wrote an entire paragraph and deleted it if you care to know. I'm not all about publishing a perfectly altered post that shows you just how wonderful my life is only. I'll tell you guys if things aren't so right.

So today I felt really terrible. My day was pretty crappy. So at about 12pm, I decided to get iOS 8.2 installed into my phone. Worst decision ever. Long story short, my phone spazzed out and I had to restore the phone to factory settings. By 4pm, I could use my phone again but all my apps had been wiped out and my data as of now has slowly been trickling back in so I'm grateful for that.

I'm most likely going to pick my dad up from the airport tomorrow. He's on a plane from South Africa to Singapore right now and I'm so excited for him to be back. He's been gone 10 days. He's also landing in like 8 hours which means I'm getting up at 4.30am most likely. Jeez. 
So what would I like to change about myself? Perhaps I would like to care more about how I look. I mean I care that I look presentable and sometimes girly but usually I'm just a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I think I would like to care more about make up, dressing up and all the other frivolous things that every single other girl seems to care about except me.

I would also like to change one aspect of my personality. I'm pretty introverted and I prefer to chill at home then with my friends. I would like to change that. I would like to be more out-going and to like to go out more often. That's not saying that I don't like being an introvert though. Sometimes when I watch vlogs and things like that, I crave friendship. But majority of the time I'm also happy being by myself and not having to worry what everyone else thinks of me. I guess that's the problem. I fear being judged so much that I question everything I do and say and I stop having fun.
Anyway, short post tonight because I have to be up in less then 6 hours. Hmm...See you on the other side! 

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Features You Get Complimented On A Lot

Hi readers. I'm so tired. Wow.

This morning, I used the nice natural light to take the photos for my September Item favourites and I attempted to to figure out Photoshop CS6 to edit them. I ended up making the pictures look worse I think so I just used iPhoto and left it at that.

So I just finished putting in the pictures and tidying up the post. Finally, I published it. You can read it here. Or don't. It's your life.

Tomorrow I will start with my music favourites post so keep an eye out for that.

Today I did a lot of housework. I know. I know. Bring on the rain. Cam does not do housework. But I did today and now I'm so exhausted I could fall asleep at the keyboard I think.

I got this cool owl globe today. I've named the owls. They are Fred, George, Emma and Ella. 

Fun fact: When I was younger, I dropped a snow globe in a shop and my mom was so furious with me. In fact the word furious does not do the situation justice. I remember that incident so clearly. The globe had very blue water in it with things that floated in it. It was a tourist item I think. I remember that I was so terrified of of my mom at that time and I remember she yelled at me in the shop and was about to leave me in the shopping mall. I remember thinking that perhaps I should just stay where I was and not follow her out because if she didn't care if I was behind her or not, why should I?

I'm pretty sure I was below the age of 5 at that time so I think it was not a very fair reaction. Things happen. Glass breaks. There's no need to mentally scar a child for an obvious accident. Just move on is what I say. My childhood was full of pretty scarring memories. That's sad...

So I actually really hate snow globes more then anything because of that experience. In fact, till today, I will never pick up a snow globe in a shop ever. But this one seems to be made out of plastic and not glass so as long as I don't play around with it too much, everything should be fine. I really like it but to be perfectly honest, I'm terrified of it.
Okay enough of that unexpected and unpleasant throwback. Features I get complimented on a lot. 

Hmm.. I don't get compliments very often to be honest. Wow that's sad. Okay. But I guess I get complimented on my hair mostly online. People who follow me on my Instagram say that I have 'Elena' hair. Personally I too think that my hair is my best feature. I mentioned yesterday that my hair used to be an absolute mess when I was a kid. I guess I've now grown into my hair. I currently love my curly hair. I guess people do too.

September Item Favorites

Hey guys! So this month, I've decided to be braver. I'm going to do a monthy favourites for my music and a monthly favourites for actual items. I'm also thinking about doing monthly favourites for books but I'm not too sure yet because I'm not the fastest reader in the world. If you want to check out my August music favourites, click here. It will open in a new tab so don't worry. So this post is for my items. Let's do this!

1) Typo Owl Coasters

Recently, my mom got me owl coasters from Typo. They are absolutely gorgeous and compliment my bedside table so well. I absolutely adore them. They were only $5 with any purchase from Typo which was super awesome because who doesn't love cheap stuff am I right?

2) Owl Throw Pillow

So, in line with my bedroom makeover, I decided that I needed to deck my bed out in cooler bedding. Also, I needed a new throw pillow cover to compliment my black and pink bedding. So I started hunting around on Redbubble but the sizes were all wrong for my pillow which was from IKEA originally. So my mom gave me the IKEA catalogue and I found the most gorgeous hot pink, owl throw pillow case. I immediately called IKEA to find out if they had it. They said that it had been discontinued and that they didn't have it anymore.

I was super upset about that because it was truly gorgeous. However, we still decided to go to IKEA to look for a different throw pillow cover. We got there and immediately found the hot pink, owl throw pillow cover. I was beyond happy (Really IKEA staff?? You don't have the product anymore?? REALLY??)

So I got it and it was gorgeous and complimented my bed so well. I was so happy with it. I don't remember how much it was exactly but I know that the throw pillow cover itself was about below $8 bucks. That said, I don't doubt that they have discontinued the item. I'm sure that it was just leftover stock so if you want it, better hurry.

3) Popcorn

I mentioned this a few days ago but I recently bought a box of popcorn that you can pop yourself in the microwave. I felt that I just had to mention this in my monthly favourites because I just love it so so much.

So this popcorn is about $4 for 3 big bowls and it is the Movie Theater Butter flavour. It's actually pretty hard to find. I found it in Fairprice (it's a local supermarket, my international friends). It was at the bottom shelf right in the corner so if you're looking for it, look carefully. I'm not sure if it's an international brand but the name sounds pretty American or British so you can try.

Popcorn is supposed to actually be a really healthy snack. I doubt this is very healthy because of the butter and salt in it but it's pretty awesome and certainly better then a pack of processed Doritos.

4) My TRXYE Jumper

I got my TRXYE jumper in the mail like 2 days ago. Ever since then, I've been wearing it as much as it is bearable in this hot Singapore weather. It is so comfy. I just can't even with this jumper. It is perfect especially for a Youtuber fan because the entire Youtube community came together to support Troye Sivan's album by buying one of his jumpers. So a whole lot of big-time Youtubers like Tyler Oakley, Zoella, Pointlessblog, Jim Chapman, Tanya Burr, Sprinkleofglitter and so many more are wearing this exact same jumper.

Now I know the price is actually pretty steep for a jumper but it was something I really wanted and so I saved up for it myself and it was a gift for myself for hard work done. I got it at $69 inclusive of shipping. I know. I know. I'm cringing too. But I am a huge Youtuber fan and I just really really wanted it so much so don't judge me.

5) SilkPro Hair Revival Serum

I'm cheating just a bit with this one. I've actually known and owned this particular serum for quite a few months now. But I just had to include it because it's so wonderful. So I found my first bottle in a local store. It was relatively cheap. If I'm not wrong it's only about $10 which was ridiculously cheap compared to the $30-$50 ones my hairdresser offered me.

So I got the serum and it was heaven in a freaking bottle. I'm not even exaggerating. This thing smells so good and it makes my hair so soft. I have naturally frizzy hair but this serum works wonders to tame it. It just makes my hair so soft and manageable. My hair also has really nice natural curls (it's nice now but when I was younger it was horrific) so the serum really helps to make my curls look even better. In fact, sometimes it makes my hair curlier (in a good way) and overall just compliments my look without me having to do anything else with my hair.


*All prices are in SGD. Click here for a currency converter. (I'm so nice. I give you a converter. Am I not wonderful?)
*All photos are by me. Credits are needed if you want to use them okay? Let's be nice.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Little Things That Make Me Feel Warm And Fuzzy

Guess what humans of the Internet! I've finally got an idea for the book I've been trying to write for absolutely ages! I'm so excited about it and I can't wait to properly get started writing it. I haven't worked out the entire plot yet or even figured out if half of it is realistic. But I think I've finally got something good and I know I can work on it. (Basically in my head I'm already on the Ellen show talking about my #1 bestselling book. Also the audience will all get a copy of new book. Signed of course because that matters when you're famous) 

Isn't it funny? How ideas are a lot like clay. You shape them and work at them. You put in all this effort to make them into something beautiful. And you can have this image in your head of how the finished product will look like. But really, you will never be able to predict exactly how it will look till it is complete.

Okay that was unnecessarily deep.

Today my day was so boring that you might cry and claw your eyes out if I tell you about it. So all you guys have to know is that I've just finished writing my September Item Favourites blog post. Tomorrow I will be taking and editing the pictures for that and hopefully I'll be ready to post it tomorrow night if I don't become a procrastinating monkey before then. Then I will get to work on my September Music Favourites. Exciting times my friends.
Things that make me feel warm and fuzzy. Aw. Okay.

Sweaters. My teddy bear. My pillow. Curing up in bed. Pillow forts. Sleeping.

I think that's it... This is weird. I'm actually a really cuddly person I think. Or maybe not. I like to hug people but I hate to be hugged. Is that weird. Jeez I'm such a weird human being. Why do you even read my blog? I'm such a strange human. Hmm.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Things I Do On A Rainy Day

I always feel so sluggish about writing my daily blog post. But then I start writing and the words just pour out of me and next thing you know, I've written a novel.
Hello guys! It's another day and guess what. It was another chill day for me. I watched Maleficent till 2am last night. I regret that so much. I woke up at 9am today which is really late for me. I woke up and heard the rain. It was absolutely pouring and it was really nice and cosy under my blankets.

I got up though because I hated the idea that it was already 9am. My mom and I went to visit my maternal grandma and that was very nice because I haven't really visited her in a while.

This afternoon, I finished season 4 of Teen Wolf, watched the premiere of Modern Family season 6, watched this week's episode of New Girl and of course I watched the usual vlogs that I watch everyday. So today was another chill day with a lot of laptop time.

I know. I feel lazy. I'm waiting for the October articles to come in so I can proofread them for the October issue of What's Up. They should be in soon then I can blog about that and I won't be so lazy anymore.

Oh! Today my TRXYE jumper came in the mail!

 I've been waiting about a month for it to arrive and I'm so excited. At this point though, I think I'm more excited about the fact that Zoe wears her TRXYE jumper nearly every night and she wears them a lot in her vlogs and stuff. So the fact that I have and can wear something that is 100% identical to Zoe Sugg's is mind-blowing for me. Of course I'm still proud of Troye Sivan though.

So, things I do on rainy days. I live in Singapore. Which means it's very hot all year round. I personal prefer cold weather and I dream of living in a country with the four seasons one day. So when it rains, it's a big thing for me. I love to be at home when it's raining. I will usually curl up in bed with a book and a cup of tea. I will also take the opportunity to wear one of my warm and cosy jumpers because it's usually too hot for that.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Seven Things That Cross Your Mind A Lot

Hello everyone! Yay! It's another day. Today was great. As I mentioned yesterday, today was a super chill day for me. I got to be completely free of anything to do. I got to wake up late (I actually woke up at like 7.30am because I have the most annoyingly accurate body clock ever). I got to chill out and watch Teen Wolf and A LOT of Youtube.

 I also got back to work on my Instagram account. So last week I updated my phone to iOS 8. I guess it's a great system but currently it's annoying the hell out of me because not all the apps have been optimised yet and so everything is so slow and freezy. Especially Kik. Now I've mentioned in my Instagram guides that Kik is an extremely extremely important part of gaining followers. So now, my Kik is slow, laggy and it blacks out and freezes all the time. Basically that combined with my busy schedule for the past few days has kept me from doing anything to gain followers.

So today, I told myself that I would be getting back to work on my account because I am super close to 10K and I honestly can't wait for Kik to get it's crap together to start work. So this morning I gained slightly over 200 followers and I got 9.4K. I'm so excited for 10K honestly. I have a huge blog post planned for that. I just can't believe how far I've gotten with Obsessedwithvamps. It's surreal.

Today I popped a bag of popcorn and watched Teen Wolf. I haven't done this in forever so it was really nice. Salty popcorn is my favourite snack by the way and this brand, which was a new one I tried, is absolutely fabulous. It was perfectly buttery and salty and was just perfectly crunchy enough. Usually my mom buys the pre-popped popcorn from the store and it's always kernel-y. You know what I mean. When you get those brown, unpopped kernel bits that get stuck in your teeth and are so annoying. But this one was just heavenly. Literal perfection. I totally recommend it. It's like 4 bucks or something for three bags. Also I just dedicated a full paragraph to my popcorn. Wow.

So, 7 things that cross my mind a lot. In no particular order:

1) I actually would really love to settle down in Brighton even though I talk about New York a lot.
2) I wish I cared about things like make-up and fashion but I don't so. 
4) I want to be creative and cool but I also want to sit around and watch Youtube all day. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.
5) I wish I was Zoe Sugg. She is like my literal queen.
6) Why does Troye Sivan have to be gay?
7) What if one day I became a famous blogger?

And because my mind is very noisy, I shall include 3 more ;)

8) I want a Zalfie or Janya relationship one day.
9) I wish I had Zoe's metabolism. The girl practically eats pizza three times a day okay.
10) I wonder what it's like to have my own house. I think my future house will be very pretty and cute like Zoe's.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

6 Of Your Favorite Things In Your Room

Hello guys! I'm posting twice today. This is weird. On the bright side, today I didn't spell hello with a 'w'. CRAP! I just did. LEGIT. THIS. IS. SPARTA.

*whispers*I don't know what sparta is.

Well. That was a fantastic intro.
So you guys know what I did this morning. I attended my first event as a media representative. I was basically live blogging from 4am to 2.30pm today because of the event so if you haven't seen it, go check it out here.

After the event, I spent some time catching up on the usual vlogs I watch everyday. Zoe's, Alfie's and Lilly's. I kind of needed some quiet time by myself after this morning because I had to be social. Now I know you most likely don't understand this. Immediately after the event, I texted my dad. I was really upset to be honest. I guess it was all about the moment. But I was upset and I texted him saying that it was awful. So he calmly asked me why. I replied with one sentence.

 "Because I had to talk"

And he immediately got it. He completely understood what I was feeling which I was so grateful for. He's always been on a similar wavelength as me I guess. Later when I told my mom that it was horrible because I had to talk, she laughed and made a joke even though I wasn't trying to be funny. 

What really happened was that I panicked because I felt so alone and I felt like everyone but me knew what was happening and what they had to do. That said, I realise that this was only my first event. I will have more in the future as a journalist and I need to toughen myself up and get the job done. It was a great experience overall though which I am ridiculously grateful for. As I said before, the panic and awful feelings was all part of the moment. After I had some time alone, I felt so much better and by about 4pm I had started writing the article for the event and I got it submitted by about 5. I felt great after that.

I also got my official office email address today too. It's got the newspaper's handle and it's so official and I feel so important.

So that was my day. Not too bad I think. All I know is that I don't have anything to do tomorrow and I really need a chill, sleep in day after having 3 consecutive early mornings with so much to do.
So, 6 of my favourite things in my room. I don't know if I should be honest with this list. I feel like my room is like my personal safe haven. I don't know. A room is so incredibly personal isn't it? Okay let's see.

1) My Teddy Bear

My brother got him for me for my 16th birthday. It's the perfect size to cuddle with.

2) My pillow

(I'm talking about a pillow I've had since I was a baby. I can't sleep without it.)

3) My bed

4) My Macbook

5) My owl coasters

6) The wall behind my bed (my inspiration wall)
To be honest, I like my wall more then my coasters. I'm such a badass rebel.

P.S. You can now subscribe to my blog and get email alerts when I post something on my blog. Just enter your email in the box in the sidebar. It's super easy and I'll love you forever. Kay thanks bye!

Monday, 22 September 2014

SG50 Fifty For Fifty (The Social Co)

Hi guys, so today is the day of the launch of the SG50 Fifty for Fifty event. I'm going to try to live blog as I go for my first event as a media representative of WhatsUp newspaper.

4am: Woke up panicking that I had perhaps missed my alarm. I was 3 hours too early for that.

6.45am: Woke up 15 minutes before my alarm.

7am: My alarm went off and I started getting ready.

7.45am: Started panicking again because I found a spot on my dress that I hadn't seen the day before. So I got a marker and went over the spot. It pretty much worked I think. Also I realized too late that I had forgotten to shave my legs. I am so fabulous it's funny.

8.15am: Finally ready, I head down to the kitchen to make myself a Nutella sandwich. I'm having the worst lady pains by the way guys.

8.30am: After checking my stuff 3 times, I am finally off. I'm 1.5 hours early. If you know me, you would know that I hate to be late or to have to rush. I am always early and today especially is no exception.

8.42am: I just caught my bus after missing 2 buses trying to get good photos. It was worth it though. I was told that I'm not allowed to post photographs from the event on this blog even if I take them myself. So I'm going to go around that by including street photography on the way there because I really want photographs in this post. 

8.44am: I am so nervous. This is my first time attending an event as a media representative. As an actual journalist. As a person with a bit of social anxiety and who is introverted, I am terrified of having to ask people questions and to have  people possibly looking at me. I'm scared. I'll admit that. It's worst that I'm going alone. I had to give myself a pep talk before I left. I was so nervous. It not helping that my cramps are basically making me feel like puking. I know this event and what I'm about to do isn't something I should be afraid of. But I am. It's my first time. I'm scared I'll screw up and say the wrong thing or ask the wrong questions or look stupid.  

8.52am: Still on the bus and I think I might be about to have a panic attack. I can't breathe and I'm shaking. My heart  is pounding so hard. 

9.01am: I just caught my train. It's so packed and I already feel so awful. I feel like I can't breathe People are loud next to me and loud noises give me a lot of anxiety so I'm not okay right now.

9.10am: I finally reached Somerset and I can get out of this awful train. It kept stopping in the middle of the tunnels.

9.25am: Okay i'm at SCAPE. I'm pretty much the only one here though. My stomach is in triple knots and I think I'm on level 4. The event is on level 5 but  no one is there. Probably because I'm more then half an hour early I guess. There's a room behind me that says SG50 but there's hardly anyone there so going in would be awkward. I wish I had someone to be awkward with right now.

9.33am: I'm seeing some other confused teens. Hmm... Still feeling awful

9.41am: So the confused teens apparently look like they are just here to dance. Fabulous. I have no one to be confused with.

10.16am: I'm sitting in the event right now. I'm so nervous. Everyone looks so professional and they are all adults and everyone is so tall. I feel like a midget. Everyone seems to know what to do except me.

10.30pm: The event started. A guy was talking to me. He was sitting next to me. He seemed nice. He wasn't from the media though.

11.30pm: I've made friends with a university journalist called Velda. She's really nice and seems about as shy as me. We just stood around together for a bit till she met a friend and started talking. Then it immediately felt like I was some child waiting for her mother to finish talking a friend. It was not very nice.

12.03pm: I interviewed the youngest change maker here called Elijah and the person who started Fifty for Fifty, Rebekah. They were both very nice people.

12.22pm: It's over. I just need some time to be by myself for a bit because that was the most stressful thing I've ever done.

2.39pm: I've had lunch and I'm now home and safe in my room. The event was stressful mostly because I didn't know anyone and I didn't know what to do. I also worked myself into quite a frenzy long before the event even started so there was that.

Overall though, the event was wonderful. The Treetop room we were in was gorgeous and I really enjoyed what everyone was saying. When people got up to speak, they made sure to keep it light and that was very nice.

I especially loved hearing about the cause. I think it's such a wonderful thing for these youths to be doing. They are raising money for charities that are not very well recognised. And for every dollar they raise, the government and corporate companies are matching it. So basically $1=$4. Isn't that amazing? I thought it was wonderful and such a brave thing to step up and do. Not to mention that these people all have full-time jobs except for the youngest there who is 18 and going into National Service.

I'm so grateful for this opportunity and even though it was so scary, I look forward to more events in the future. Thanks for following me as I live blogged this morning. My 30 day challenge post is coming up tonight after I finish writing the article from the event so stay tuned for that.

My Favourite Movies

Hello everybody! Oh my gosh I keep spelling 'hello' with a 'w'. Dyslexia for the win haha.

Today was super exhausting and busy. I seriously am so ready to sleep right now even though it's only 9pm.

So my day started at the ungodly hour of 5.30am. It was surprisingly not too difficult to get up which I was pleased about. 

So at 7am I had a meeting with my boss (I guess you could call her that but she's just really nice and caring and doesn't really seem like a boss because she's also a childhood friend of my dad's). So we had a lot to discuss and I'm really excited because I am going to be staying on at WhatsUp newspaper as their intern for the next 3 years most likely. So I get a regular segment in the newspaper. Also I got briefed on what I was supposed to do tomorrow. If you recall, I told you that tomorrow I will be attending a SG50 youth event as a media representative for the first time. I have been given permission to blog about it here so you will see all that tomorrow.

After my meeting, I met my mom at NEX to do grocery shopping. We then went to Somerset where I got to hold the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus for the first time. I'm so excited to get mine. I'm getting it when my dad gets back from his business trip next week so I can't wait. I'm thinking that I'll get the gold iPhone 6 because the Plus is just too big for my liking.

In the evening, I decided to cook. I tried to make Thai fried rice but it was an utter fail and most of it had to be thrown out because it was too salty and the chicken was too chewy. My mom was unnecessarily mean to me about it so I started to cry and I got a really bad headache from that.

Basically that was my day in a nutshell. I'm so exhausted.
Okay, my favourite movies. I have so many of them though. In no particular order, here are my favourites:

1) The Bridget Jones movies
2) The Hundred Foot Journey
3) Blended
4) The Last Song
5) The Lucky One

And so many more but my mind is currently so blank. See you tomorrow for my exciting day as a media representative.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Movies That Make Me Cry

Hello readers! Happy Sunday. As I'm writing this, I am starting to feel the effects of the sleepy pill I took because I have to be up early tomorrow for a meeting. And by early I mean 5.30am which is like some god-forsaken hour. By the way, I just typed some of that using my toes because I am such a weirdo.

Okay, so today was okay. I made meatballs and mashed potatoes for my mom and brother for lunch because I am pretty much Jamie Oliver (Just kidding they were all Ikea frozen stuff). But it tasted good regardless so screw you haters!

I did scripture reading this morning and I spent most of the time wondering if my dress was actually tucked into the back of my underwear or something.

So, movies that make me cry. I'm not the kind of person that cries easily over books and movies. I don't know why. I've mentioned before that I didn't cry over The Fault In Our Stars. I am the type of person that starts sobbing while watching videos of army men surprising their loved ones. I cry while reading the blog of a woman who's son has died (Ronan omg). I don't cry at the most conventional things like love stories.

What I do cry over however are movies where I feel like I can connect with the characters. If I can feel at the end of the movie that perhaps this is a situation that could happen to anyone, including me, I would mostly likely be crying.

For example, during the movie 'The Last Song', I didn't cry when Miley's character broke up with Liam's. Instead I cried when the father died because in my head, I was thinking 'omg what if this was my dad' and instantly I started sobbing because it became real to me.

I'm not weird and emotionless. It's just me I guess. Chick flicks don't make me cry, my friends. It takes something more real then that to make me cry.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Concerts You Have Attended

Hello readers! Welcome back to another day in the life of yours truly.

 I spent some time yesterday thinking about my blog and about the direction it was taking. I decided this. I wasn't going to put pressure on myself to write something specifically that I know people would want to read.

I'm the kind of writer that enjoys leaving pieces of myself for people to find in my work. So writing about myself and my day is enjoyable to me. Writing reviews and guides is fun but it's certainly not something I think I can pursue on a long term basis. I want to stay true to myself as I embark on this blogging journey.

And the best part is, I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. My latest posts have actually been getting a lot of views. I'm just hit 2000 views on my blog. I know and understand that this blog may never make me notable in any way or form if I choose to go down this road. It's a risky road. But I think there are so many bloggers and vloggers out there who are famous for just writing and filming their lives. I'm not expecting great things from this blog but I like knowing that it's here and that I can write anytime I feel I need to.

I've also decided that I actually don't particularly like the blogging challenge. When I started it, I did so to create accountability and to help me get into the momentum of blogging everyday. I'm 20 days in and I think blogging has become a crucial part of my day already. For the sake of accountability however, I shall finish up the final 10 days of the challenge. Next month onwards, I will hopefully still manage to blog everyday but I will name my posts properly and relevantly according to my day.

Well now that that's out of the way, let me tell you about my first proper concert that I attended. The first concert I ever attended was this year. I went to watch Ellie Goulding's Halcyon Days tour with my brother.

I actually got the tickets from a friend who won tickets but wasn't a huge fan. I love Ellie Goulding so he gave them to me. The tickets were for stall A which was legit right at the stage. She was basically standing right in front of me. It was fantastic. She sang so many of my favourite songs including 'The Writer' and the song she sang for Divergent. I had such an awesome time. 

I tried to upload videos and more photos here for you guys but it won't process and I kind of want to get back to watching Teen Wolf and decorating my wall. So I'm going to end the post here. See you tomorrow!

Friday, 19 September 2014

Is It Easy For You To Trust Others?

Hey guys! Welcome back today's blog post. Oh my. Today was such a busy day. I think this was the busiest day I've ever had since my holidays started. That my friend, is saying something. So my day started at about 7am when I woke up from a weird dream and couldn't go back to sleep. I later went with my mom to get a pedicure. I got the cutest owl nail art done. Adorable huh? The one on the right is Edgar and the one on the left is Ellen.

We then had to get some stuff done. I won't bore you with the details but basically my Kindle is now on it's way back to Amazon. We got home and at about 4pm, my dad came home. He left tonight for a 10 day business trip in Europe and South Africa so he came home early to pack and sort stuff out. 

I spent the rest of the day sitting on his bed and helping him pack. It was so chaotic. I was quite surprised because usually my dad is a pro at packing and it's usually the rest of us that struggle like crazy to pack. But today he was in such a state. So I had to help him out and thankfully I did because he nearly forgot to pack pants and he packed his toiletry bag and then put it all back in the drawer instead of in his suitcase (good job dad!). 

After that, we left to drive around the F1 tracks. It's F1 weekend here in Singapore and it's been a kind of tradition that every year, my dad will drive us around the roads that go by the track and we will hear the sounds of the cars and sometimes see them zooming by. We do that for the thrill of it really. None of us except my dad enjoys F1 so it's a waste to spend hundreds of bucks for a seat there. Usually only my dad goes for the races. 

So we did that but because the new MCP or something just opened, (it's basically like an underwater road thing that leads goodness knows where. It's supposedly revolutionary. I don't know.) we got lost. So this year we only did one round. 

We then drove to the airport to drop my dad off. I've been feeling so crappy all week about the fact that he was leaving. It's always been super hard for me when my dad goes on business trips. When I was younger, I used to cry and cry every time he left. I'm obviously too old to be sobbing for my dad. I get that he has a job to do but I am going to miss him and of course I'm worried about his safety. 

He's going to be spending almost 24 hours in the air going to Amsterdam and then later to South Africa. And that's not including the 12 hours back to Singapore. And South Africa isn't the safest place. And yes. I'm talking about Ebola in addition to crime and stuff. If my facts are wrong, it's only because I don't want to research it. My dad told me Ebola isn't in Cape town, where he's going. So I'm going to take it at that. I'm worried enough as it is. I don't need the internet to scare me anymore.

I'm handling it pretty well I think. It's even harder when he leaves at night but for some reason I don't feel so crappy anymore. I've been praying over him and I think God is giving me peace. I don't know. I would love to hear in the comments if you've experienced this before too.

Now on to lighter topics. I got my results today. My GPA is 3.4 which is not the best ever but I feel like I gave my 100% in every single assignment so I'm not too disheartened or anything because I know that I put in my all and I worked hard and I'm proud of that.

Also, I got great news today. I don't want to give too much away or else I won't have anything much to write on Tuesday but I will say this. I have been asked to go to the SG50 youth Social Con as a media representative. A freaking media representative! That's like official stuff! I'm so excited. I've never done anything like this so of course I'm nervous and clueless but I'm also excited and so grateful for the opportunity to help spread word of a social issue that will help people. More on this next Tuesday though.
Okay, on to today's topic. No I don't really find it easy to trust others. I'm very introverted and I tend to be a lot more careful with who I trust. Mostly because when I was between the ages of 10-14, I had to learn to be careful with what I said to who and I had to learn to be careful with what I said all the time because our family was going through a horrible time. So now I guess I'm just more careful.
I'm exhausted so good night. Comment below and tell me how you feel about trusting others. See you tomorrow!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Describe Your Favourite Place In The World

One thing I learned about blogging early in the day is that I don't get to tell you guys about the day itself. So it's currently midnight (which means I have to alter the post time so that it shows yesterday's date in case you bothered to check and got confused) and I actually haven't had a very good day at all.

So my day started with threading my eyebrows in the morning with my mom. It hurt so bad as usual. I swear there is no greater pain then the pain of threading one's eyebrows. We then got some stuff at the store and had lunch before picking up my brother and heading home.

At about 4pm, I decided that I would blog. But before that, I wanted to get two new books into my Kindle. So I plugged it into my laptop as usual and waited for it to connect. It didn't. I checked it and I saw a screen that said 'Kindle Needs To Be Repaired'. I freaked out. I started trying every single thing possible. After about 30 mins, I decided that there was nothing I could possibly do myself. I needed to wait till my mom woke up from her nap to help me. So I started to cry.

Before you give me a strange look, let me tell you how I feel about my Kindle. Last year, my parents bought me a Kindle Paperwhite for my 17th birthday. Ever since then, I have never been without it. I love to read, so my Kindle is almost as important to me as my iPhone or Macbook. Just like a phone, I fell in love with it because it was a constant companion and somehow, it became a part of my life that I could not do without.

So my Kindle breaking down after only 8 months and without me dropping it or anything was about as devastating to me as it would have been to lose or break my iPhone. So yes. I cried. When my mom woke up, she panicked when she saw me crying with my teddy bear in my arms. Immediately she got some numbers and next thing you know, I've pulled myself together and I'm solving the problem.

Now, Amazon is sending me a new Kindle and I have learnt all about how to buy things from America when they don't ship to Singapore. It was a scary but enriching experience. Now I have to figure out how to live for the next two weeks or so without a Kindle.

(I would just like to point out at this junction that I don't care about getting a new Kindle. I really don't. I would rather just have my old one because it is full of carefully selected books and I have such lovely memories with it.)

I just realised what a great intro that was for my main topic. Describing my favourite place in the world. You may have already guessed it. Yes. It is a library.

I love libraries or even book shops with a lot of space. I don't know why but being surrounded by so many words. So many stories just makes me feel so at home. When I was a kid, I would run to the library and walk through the aisles, running my fingers along the edges of books, while fighting tears when I was getting bullied or when I was having yet another fight with my best friend. That was primary school.

In secondary school, I would do something similar for the first three and a half years there. I would go there during recess to hide out. I would read or write in my diary while starving because I was too scared to face going to the canteen by myself. Well. I was scared and I also went through a phase where I would starve myself in school to try to lose weight. I once went nearly 17 hours because I skipped breakfast as well. No I'm not proud of that. I was 14 I think.

So yes. The library. Tell me what your favourite place in the world is in the comments below. I would love to know

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

I realised something. After blogging early yesterday, I found myself to be much more productive. I don't know it was interesting. So I decided to start extra early today in the hopes that perhaps today will be extra productive. Its 10.30am now.
I have known ever since I was 10 that I wanted to grow up to be a writer. I didn't know what exactly I wanted to do but I knew that I wanted to write. By the time, I was 15, I had my whole life figured out basically. I wanted to study mass communication in polytechnic. Then I would do journalism in New York University. New York would be my new home and I would get a job as a journalist at the New York Times.

Of course I would be the youngest, highest paid journalist there with an office that had glass wall all around it. I am very ambitious. So far, I have made it to my first checkpoint. I am in year 1 at Ngee Ann Poly doing Mass Communications. I have written 2 published news articles, won a national SPH competition and published a book. I am also an intern at a newspaper currently now that I'm on break.

I am scared of my next checkpoint because New York is very far away from Singapore obviously. Also I'll need a scholarship and it's going to be a huge thing. Thankfully I still have about 2 years to figure it all out.

Monday, 15 September 2014

If The World Were To End Tomorrow, What Would You Do With Your Remaining Time On Earth?

Guess what! I'm actually writing this at 2.30pm today. Yes, I am seizing the day today. This morning, I woke up and did a lot of work on Instagram. I ended up getting 9k. So yes, I now have 9k on Instagram and I am a little surprised because it only took me a week to get from 8k to 9k. Also, I'm so close to 10k I can taste it. 

Despite getting 9k, my morning has actually been pretty crappy. I had a fight with my mom and she's still giving me the silent treatment. It was over a whole bunch of completely irrelevant stuff and I don't even know.

Anyway, its now 2.30pm and apparently the world is going to end tomorrow. Can I just say that this is really really bad timing. IOS 8 is coming out tomorrow so I don't think it's the best time for the world to end. But if it was going to, I guess there would be a lot to do.

Okay so first thing on my list would be to write a blog post. I'm a Christian so I believe in heaven. I also read a book once that said that all Christians went to heaven and the non-believers stayed on earth. That's probably not true but just in case, I will blog about my life and how awesome heaven is going to be. 

After that, I will go over to my aunt's house and I would get my entire family to get home from work and school and to meet us all there. Then we would just hang out like we always do. I would Skype with my cousin in Sydney and we would all just be chill and stuff. 

As midnight approached, I would just be refreshing my iPhone to see if Apple decided to release IOS 8 early considering our impending doom. I might take the time to bury my laptop in the hopes that should there ever be life on earth eons later, perhaps someone might dig up my pink mac and they will learn about technology. And yes I have complete faith in Apple that it will keep my mac in tip top condition.

But in all honesty, I don't really know what I would do if I found out the world was really ending. And guess what. Realistically, we will never have to deal with that question because no one knows when the world will end.

Do You Believe Teenagers Can Fall In Love?

Hello readers! Today has been quite a tiring day. Today I started my healthy lifestyle plan. So basically I plan to largely cut out junk food from my diet and I plan to go for daily brisk walks. Tiny things that will hopefully lead to some weight loss. 

I got a cute new bedside lamp today. It's pink and adorable. I also walked slightly more then 2km today which I'm pleased about. I've been having a horrible headache all day. I think it's because I didn't sleep much last night. Why didn't I sleep much? Well because I had 4 cups of green tea and didn't realise that it would have caffeine in it. If this was Twitter, I would put a major '#storyofmylife' tag here. I am all over the place today aren't I?

Today's topic sucks. But my alternative was to post a picture of someone I fancy. I don't fancy anyone and even if I did, It would be so mortifying if said person saw it one day. So no. I have to do this one. I would just like to point out that I've just been watching too much of Zoe and Alfie so my inner voice is now British. Hence the use of the word 'fancy' instead of 'like'.
Yes I do believe that teenagers can fall in love. I'm not going to write a full argumentative essay proving my point but of course teenagers can fall in love. It happens all the time and it's sometimes even better. To be like friends and then go on to dating. 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

What Gives You Everyday Inspiration?

WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF EVERY DAMN DAY?? I leave blogging to like 10pm when I'm exhausted and desperately wanting to sleep. Then I'll make up some excuse to not blog but ultimately I'll tell myself that nothing great ever comes from being lazy and I'll blog anyway but before I tackle the topic, I'll always complain about how tired I am. Seriously. It's a pattern. 

So, today I got up at 6.30am for church. It was my pastor's last day in our church after years and I was really really sad about it. He prayed for me during communion though and he prayed that I will continue to serve the Lord. This year, thanks to him, I really put myself out there and started serving. I got into sunday school, projection, scripture reading and I went for Serve 2014 and a mission trip. So God and my pastor really helped me to get out there and I will really miss him a whole lot.

After that, I got home for about 2 hours then I followed my dad to work. He had some stuff to do. So I was there with him all afternoon. Basically I sat in his office eating pasta and watching movies. Also I had like 4 cups of green tea and then went to the bathroom a billion time. In the bathroom I learned that my dad's office has toilets that can recline and be adjusted.

After that I went to my aunt's house for a bit where I got myself locked in the bathroom. I didn't have my phone so I was only rescued about 10 minutes later when my cousin heard me knocking on the door. So that was my day in 3 paragraphs haha. Fun fact: I was in the same outfit from 7am-8pm today.

Today's topic can be summed up in one sentence to be honest but I shall try to elaborate.
My bedroom wall gives me inspiration. If you don't know, I started a project to decorate my room and make it into a very Tumblr kind of room. You can check out my progress here. That's day 1 and you can check out the rest on your own from that link because I'm too tired to link (I'm sorry).

Anyway so my wall is still a work in progress but it has my vision board on it and a whole lot of cool and inspiring quotes and pictures on it. Sometimes I like to lie on my bed, face my wall, and just read it. It really inspires me.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

3 Confessions

Hello readers! If you're wondering, I just spelt hello with a 'w' and spent some time wondering why my Mac underlined it (Yay for being smart). Its almost 10pm and I've taken some medication because my gastric is not being very kind to me. That sentence was probably all kinds of wrong (what is wrong with me?).  Also I've taken an extra sleepy pill to help me sleep because I've been having nightmares and very strange dreams lately. They make me toss and turn a lot and I wake up quite a bit. So I'm exhausted. Tomorrow I have church so I have to be up at 6.30am (oh no). I can't afford to not rest well tonight or I'll be falling asleep during sermon which is not a good idea. So this post is going to be extremely short. 3 confessions. Okay let's go.
1) I still have a ratty pillow from when I was a baby and all my life, up till today, I cannot sleep without it.

2) I read half of the first Fifty Shades Of Grey book when I was 14. I swear that's all I ever read of that trilogy. Nothing more.

3) I was the hugest Belieber for almost 2 years. Then he punched that paparazzi with Selena there and his shoe fell off and my love for him just slowly died down as he descended into the criminal life.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

How Do You Feel About Making A Friend Online

Today's topic was obvious the second I saw it. My alternative was to screenshot my desktop. I guess I could have talked about how I'm a neat freak when it comes to anything but my room. But there wasn't really much depth in that and it would have turned out very short. So I decided to do the topic of how I feel about making a friend online because it's so relatable to me and I suppose I can talk a lot about it if I want to.
 So, if you've been following my blog, you would know that I have an Instagram fan page called obsessedwithvamps. I've talked  about hate I've gotten and I have an ongoing series called 'How To Create A Successful Instagram Fanpage', in which I use my own experiences on obsessedwithvamps to give advice to beginners. If you've read my latest post in that series, you would know that relationships are very important when it comes to an Instgram fan page. If you haven't seen that one, you can catch up here. I'll wait. Don't worry.

Okay? Are you all caught up? 

So basically on Instgram, I am constantly making new friends. Constantly meeting people from all corners of the world. Constantly interacting with different people. It's often very fun and exciting especially when we get into conversations about where they're from and what life is like where they live. I love learning about the different cultures, education systems and practices from around the world. It's a pretty awesome thing.

When you make a friend online, there's always a line that you draw. How much information are you comfortable sharing with this person? How do you know that they really are just a teenaged person who wants to talk? For me, because 99% of the people that KIK me are straight from Instagram, I can usually trust who they say they are. You pretty much never encounter a 60 year old perv with a Vampire Diaries fan page account on Instagram so in that way I feel pretty safe conversing with the people I come across on the Internet. I would say that my online friendships are pretty safe. 

Once you can trust an online friend, it becomes very fun. Often, you meet online friends while pursuing your own interests. So that means that you can find similar interests and it makes for the best conversations. This is often better then real life friends. With real life friends, you have so many different interests and you have to learn them and often they aren't specific. But with online friends, its very specific. 

I think this has been a pretty long post. I still need to write yesterday's post. Yes, I didn't do it because I was really tired and I just wanted to read. I started reading Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother at 10.30pm last night and I only looked up when I finished the entire book 4 hours later at 2.30am. I love binge reading. So I've got to write yesterday's post and I also have to finish up my movie review for my CCA. Then I have to use up my Redbubble birthday vouchers from last year. They will be expiring in December so I've got to sort that out. See you yesterday ;)

Do You Dream Often? Describe One Of Your Dreams

I feel like I decided to do this whole 30-day Challenge simply because of today's topic. All my life, my favourite thing to do was to dream. Daydreams and normal night dreams. I would say that I dream pretty much every night. I can usually remember my dreams about maybe 50-60% of the time. 

When I was a few years younger, my cousin and I got hooked on this idea of lucid dreaming. He actually introduced it to me and I got really interested.

 So one of the few things you should be doing to learn to be a lucid dreamer is to keep a record of your dreams. This started my first proper dream journal. I've kept dream journals before. When I was really young. But this was my first proper one. My cousin and I started writing our dreams down in the notes section of our iPhones and we would let the other read it every week. 

It was a lot of fun and I was actually able to lucid dream once for about maybe 3 minutes. It was fun. A while later, I learned that it wasn't the most Christian thing to be doing so we stopped that. However, I still kept some of the skills I learned during that time. Firstly, I was better able to remember my dreams and I keep a dream journal till today. If you're sitting there like, "Remembering a dream is not a skill!" Well, do some research. It actually is. So that's what happened when I was about 14.

Today, I am using a special dream journal app that analyses your dreams and keeps records of recurring themes, how many times I have nightmares and different awesome things like that. Its called DreamBoard if you want to check it out. It's free too which is cool. 

So I shall share a pretty recent nightmare I had and that I recorded down in my app. 
So I was at a party but it was that part of the party you see in movies. Where everyone is already very drunk and many people are passed out and its pretty quiet. I was in a corner room of the house. I was sitting on a couch alone and drinking a beer for some reason (I hate beer)

The hosts were very traditional Indians and I was having a horrible time. After a while, I decided that enough was enough and I wanted to go home. I looked out of the side glass and saw that everything outside was pitch black. I would not have been able to go home in that darkness unless I had a torch but my phone was dead. So I started going around the house asking people for help to get home. No one helped me. 

I got to the staircase and I saw a little girl. She looked about 7 and she was drinking a beer (what is it with all the beer?) and talking to her parents. I was shocked but kept walking straight into the bathroom which was right in front of the stairs. I washed my hands and when I looked up, I saw a creepy Indian dude standing in the corner of the bathroom (Pedo alert! Kids take note). I asked him quiety, "Will you help me?" (Don't do that if you see a pedo in the bathroom). He didn't reply but all of a sudden, the house started to shake violently. "What is that?!" I cried. The creepy Indian dude said that it was crocodiles. 

Next thing I knew, I was sitting at the beach. Noel Khan (from Pretty Little Liars) was sitting in front of me and there was the arm of the little girl who was drinking beer by the staircase next to him. I knew that he had killed her and chopped off her arm. He started waving the arm around and then he suddenly shoved the lifeless arm at my neck.
I woke up with a start at that and I couldn't go back to sleep for a while because I kept feeling something on my neck.