Thursday, 11 September 2014

Do You Dream Often? Describe One Of Your Dreams

I feel like I decided to do this whole 30-day Challenge simply because of today's topic. All my life, my favourite thing to do was to dream. Daydreams and normal night dreams. I would say that I dream pretty much every night. I can usually remember my dreams about maybe 50-60% of the time. 

When I was a few years younger, my cousin and I got hooked on this idea of lucid dreaming. He actually introduced it to me and I got really interested.

 So one of the few things you should be doing to learn to be a lucid dreamer is to keep a record of your dreams. This started my first proper dream journal. I've kept dream journals before. When I was really young. But this was my first proper one. My cousin and I started writing our dreams down in the notes section of our iPhones and we would let the other read it every week. 

It was a lot of fun and I was actually able to lucid dream once for about maybe 3 minutes. It was fun. A while later, I learned that it wasn't the most Christian thing to be doing so we stopped that. However, I still kept some of the skills I learned during that time. Firstly, I was better able to remember my dreams and I keep a dream journal till today. If you're sitting there like, "Remembering a dream is not a skill!" Well, do some research. It actually is. So that's what happened when I was about 14.

Today, I am using a special dream journal app that analyses your dreams and keeps records of recurring themes, how many times I have nightmares and different awesome things like that. Its called DreamBoard if you want to check it out. It's free too which is cool. 

So I shall share a pretty recent nightmare I had and that I recorded down in my app. 
So I was at a party but it was that part of the party you see in movies. Where everyone is already very drunk and many people are passed out and its pretty quiet. I was in a corner room of the house. I was sitting on a couch alone and drinking a beer for some reason (I hate beer)

The hosts were very traditional Indians and I was having a horrible time. After a while, I decided that enough was enough and I wanted to go home. I looked out of the side glass and saw that everything outside was pitch black. I would not have been able to go home in that darkness unless I had a torch but my phone was dead. So I started going around the house asking people for help to get home. No one helped me. 

I got to the staircase and I saw a little girl. She looked about 7 and she was drinking a beer (what is it with all the beer?) and talking to her parents. I was shocked but kept walking straight into the bathroom which was right in front of the stairs. I washed my hands and when I looked up, I saw a creepy Indian dude standing in the corner of the bathroom (Pedo alert! Kids take note). I asked him quiety, "Will you help me?" (Don't do that if you see a pedo in the bathroom). He didn't reply but all of a sudden, the house started to shake violently. "What is that?!" I cried. The creepy Indian dude said that it was crocodiles. 

Next thing I knew, I was sitting at the beach. Noel Khan (from Pretty Little Liars) was sitting in front of me and there was the arm of the little girl who was drinking beer by the staircase next to him. I knew that he had killed her and chopped off her arm. He started waving the arm around and then he suddenly shoved the lifeless arm at my neck.
I woke up with a start at that and I couldn't go back to sleep for a while because I kept feeling something on my neck.

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