Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Pet Peeves

I was almost not going to do this topic but the alternative was kind of similar to yesterday's topic so I thought I would just go with the pet peeves thing.

1) Bad Manners

I am huge on manners. So when someone doesn't say thank you or  doesn't hold the door for the person coming up behind them, I get pissed off. I just think that manners are basic and people who don't use them are quite nasty. Good manners say a lot about a person in my opinion.

2) People Who Bully Others

I can never help myself. When I see someone being unfairly ganged up against or being called names, I will stand up for them. I'm mostly talking about Instagram here. I cannot stand it when someone tries to go after someone else for not knowing something or for having less followers. I think it's very unfair and it shows me that the person is horrible.

3) People Who Can't Accept The Views Of Others

I absolutely hate people who cannot accept that their view of a situation isn't the only view there is. These people will fight to the absolute death that their view is the right one and they won't care who they step on to prove that they are right.

 I'm talking about issues as small as which couple to ship on a TV show to major things like abortion. It's one thing to have a healthy debate over an issue. But when you start stepping on the views of others, using vulgarities and being nasty, that's when you need to take a step back and review yourself.

So that's just 3 of my many pet peeves. If you can relate, click the +1 button in the side bar or write a comment. Feel free to follow my blog too. I would appreciate that a lot.