Thursday, 18 September 2014

Describe Your Favourite Place In The World

One thing I learned about blogging early in the day is that I don't get to tell you guys about the day itself. So it's currently midnight (which means I have to alter the post time so that it shows yesterday's date in case you bothered to check and got confused) and I actually haven't had a very good day at all.

So my day started with threading my eyebrows in the morning with my mom. It hurt so bad as usual. I swear there is no greater pain then the pain of threading one's eyebrows. We then got some stuff at the store and had lunch before picking up my brother and heading home.

At about 4pm, I decided that I would blog. But before that, I wanted to get two new books into my Kindle. So I plugged it into my laptop as usual and waited for it to connect. It didn't. I checked it and I saw a screen that said 'Kindle Needs To Be Repaired'. I freaked out. I started trying every single thing possible. After about 30 mins, I decided that there was nothing I could possibly do myself. I needed to wait till my mom woke up from her nap to help me. So I started to cry.

Before you give me a strange look, let me tell you how I feel about my Kindle. Last year, my parents bought me a Kindle Paperwhite for my 17th birthday. Ever since then, I have never been without it. I love to read, so my Kindle is almost as important to me as my iPhone or Macbook. Just like a phone, I fell in love with it because it was a constant companion and somehow, it became a part of my life that I could not do without.

So my Kindle breaking down after only 8 months and without me dropping it or anything was about as devastating to me as it would have been to lose or break my iPhone. So yes. I cried. When my mom woke up, she panicked when she saw me crying with my teddy bear in my arms. Immediately she got some numbers and next thing you know, I've pulled myself together and I'm solving the problem.

Now, Amazon is sending me a new Kindle and I have learnt all about how to buy things from America when they don't ship to Singapore. It was a scary but enriching experience. Now I have to figure out how to live for the next two weeks or so without a Kindle.

(I would just like to point out at this junction that I don't care about getting a new Kindle. I really don't. I would rather just have my old one because it is full of carefully selected books and I have such lovely memories with it.)

I just realised what a great intro that was for my main topic. Describing my favourite place in the world. You may have already guessed it. Yes. It is a library.

I love libraries or even book shops with a lot of space. I don't know why but being surrounded by so many words. So many stories just makes me feel so at home. When I was a kid, I would run to the library and walk through the aisles, running my fingers along the edges of books, while fighting tears when I was getting bullied or when I was having yet another fight with my best friend. That was primary school.

In secondary school, I would do something similar for the first three and a half years there. I would go there during recess to hide out. I would read or write in my diary while starving because I was too scared to face going to the canteen by myself. Well. I was scared and I also went through a phase where I would starve myself in school to try to lose weight. I once went nearly 17 hours because I skipped breakfast as well. No I'm not proud of that. I was 14 I think.

So yes. The library. Tell me what your favourite place in the world is in the comments below. I would love to know

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