1) What do you post on your blog?

I post book reviews, guides to life and the photographs I take.

2) What type of book reviews do you do?

I review books of all genres honestly. But I mainly focus on Young Adult, Mystery, Romance and Thrillers.

3) I would like you to review one of my books. What do I do?

Firstly, thank you for wanting me to review your book. Secondly, you can simply email me a summary or your book along with any links to more information. My email address as well as guidelines are on my 'Contact Me' Page. I will then decide if I want to read and review it. 

4) What do you do with the books I send you in advance?

I will read them, review them and promptly delete them if they are in an electronic format. I will never ever distribute your books to anyone or leak them. I have worked with many authors and publishers in the past and there has never been a problem so there's nothing to fear.

5) Where do you post your book reviews?

I post them here on this blog, on my Goodreads account, on Amazon and if you give me your book through Netgalley, I'll post it up there too. If you have a special site where you would like me to post a review, do let me know in advance and I'll arrange to put it up.

6) Why don't you want to read and review my book?

If I refuse to read your book, trust me, I feel horrible about it. If I refuse your request for a review, it is probably because of two reasons. Firstly, the book may not be in a genre I'm comfortable with or it may just not spark my interest. Secondly, I could be backed up with review copies to read and review. I get a lot of books from authors and publishers and sometimes I can't keep up. 

7) What format do you read your books in?

I read on a Kindle so MOBI or EPUB is the best for me. If possible, do not send me a paperback because usually it takes forever to reach me (if you're sending from America) and it's harder for me to find time to read it because I have stopped taking paperbacks to school. I simply take my kindle for the bus rides. Paperbacks are too heavy.

8) What happens if you don't like a review book you are reading?

I believe in being honest in my reviews. If a book is bad, I will not lie to my readers and say that it is good. However, if a book is so bad that I cannot even finish reading it, I will email the author or publisher and talk with them. I will usually mark these books as 'Lost Interest' on Goodreads and I will not review them.