Monday, 8 September 2014

Three Things I Want To Say To Different People

I didn't really want to do this topic. In fact, I pulled up my 'What's On Your Mind' draft and I was all ready to write on that but then I decided that I would not cheat. I would just do the topic. Who knows what may come of it. 

To the people that used to bully me in school,

Did it ever make you happy? To know that someone was miserable solely because of you? Did you ever have a sleepless night knowing that someone else was crying herself to sleep because of the things you said? Did you ever feel bad about how you treated me? Like I was nothing. Like I wasn't worth the dirt you walked upon.

To the people who pretended to be my friends,

How could you live with yourself? How could you go for lunch with me and then turn around and talk about how you wished I was dead to someone else? How could you lie to my face? Was it easy? What made you think that what you were doing was okay? 

To my best friend,

You have no idea how much I cherish you. I know we aren't the most typical of best friends but for some reason we have always stuck together. For nearly 8 years you've been there when no one else was. You stood up for me when I was too timid to do so myself. You gave me the best advice ever when I was in such a horrible spot. I love you because you're the kind of person who will never stop being a friend.

I'm sorry if this post was very bitter. I'm not in the mood to write. I'm in pain and I just want to read and go to sleep. I'm not even going to do my usual nightly SFS time. I'm just going to turn off my phone and let my Instagram be. Tomorrow I'm going to stay up because at 1am, Apple is unveiling the new iPhone 6 and I want to watch the livestream. I'm really excited about that.

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