Saturday, 27 September 2014

Features You Get Complimented On A Lot

Hi readers. I'm so tired. Wow.

This morning, I used the nice natural light to take the photos for my September Item favourites and I attempted to to figure out Photoshop CS6 to edit them. I ended up making the pictures look worse I think so I just used iPhoto and left it at that.

So I just finished putting in the pictures and tidying up the post. Finally, I published it. You can read it here. Or don't. It's your life.

Tomorrow I will start with my music favourites post so keep an eye out for that.

Today I did a lot of housework. I know. I know. Bring on the rain. Cam does not do housework. But I did today and now I'm so exhausted I could fall asleep at the keyboard I think.

I got this cool owl globe today. I've named the owls. They are Fred, George, Emma and Ella. 

Fun fact: When I was younger, I dropped a snow globe in a shop and my mom was so furious with me. In fact the word furious does not do the situation justice. I remember that incident so clearly. The globe had very blue water in it with things that floated in it. It was a tourist item I think. I remember that I was so terrified of of my mom at that time and I remember she yelled at me in the shop and was about to leave me in the shopping mall. I remember thinking that perhaps I should just stay where I was and not follow her out because if she didn't care if I was behind her or not, why should I?

I'm pretty sure I was below the age of 5 at that time so I think it was not a very fair reaction. Things happen. Glass breaks. There's no need to mentally scar a child for an obvious accident. Just move on is what I say. My childhood was full of pretty scarring memories. That's sad...

So I actually really hate snow globes more then anything because of that experience. In fact, till today, I will never pick up a snow globe in a shop ever. But this one seems to be made out of plastic and not glass so as long as I don't play around with it too much, everything should be fine. I really like it but to be perfectly honest, I'm terrified of it.
Okay enough of that unexpected and unpleasant throwback. Features I get complimented on a lot. 

Hmm.. I don't get compliments very often to be honest. Wow that's sad. Okay. But I guess I get complimented on my hair mostly online. People who follow me on my Instagram say that I have 'Elena' hair. Personally I too think that my hair is my best feature. I mentioned yesterday that my hair used to be an absolute mess when I was a kid. I guess I've now grown into my hair. I currently love my curly hair. I guess people do too.