Monday, 15 September 2014

If The World Were To End Tomorrow, What Would You Do With Your Remaining Time On Earth?

Guess what! I'm actually writing this at 2.30pm today. Yes, I am seizing the day today. This morning, I woke up and did a lot of work on Instagram. I ended up getting 9k. So yes, I now have 9k on Instagram and I am a little surprised because it only took me a week to get from 8k to 9k. Also, I'm so close to 10k I can taste it. 

Despite getting 9k, my morning has actually been pretty crappy. I had a fight with my mom and she's still giving me the silent treatment. It was over a whole bunch of completely irrelevant stuff and I don't even know.

Anyway, its now 2.30pm and apparently the world is going to end tomorrow. Can I just say that this is really really bad timing. IOS 8 is coming out tomorrow so I don't think it's the best time for the world to end. But if it was going to, I guess there would be a lot to do.

Okay so first thing on my list would be to write a blog post. I'm a Christian so I believe in heaven. I also read a book once that said that all Christians went to heaven and the non-believers stayed on earth. That's probably not true but just in case, I will blog about my life and how awesome heaven is going to be. 

After that, I will go over to my aunt's house and I would get my entire family to get home from work and school and to meet us all there. Then we would just hang out like we always do. I would Skype with my cousin in Sydney and we would all just be chill and stuff. 

As midnight approached, I would just be refreshing my iPhone to see if Apple decided to release IOS 8 early considering our impending doom. I might take the time to bury my laptop in the hopes that should there ever be life on earth eons later, perhaps someone might dig up my pink mac and they will learn about technology. And yes I have complete faith in Apple that it will keep my mac in tip top condition.

But in all honesty, I don't really know what I would do if I found out the world was really ending. And guess what. Realistically, we will never have to deal with that question because no one knows when the world will end.