Thursday, 11 September 2014

How Do You Feel About Making A Friend Online

Today's topic was obvious the second I saw it. My alternative was to screenshot my desktop. I guess I could have talked about how I'm a neat freak when it comes to anything but my room. But there wasn't really much depth in that and it would have turned out very short. So I decided to do the topic of how I feel about making a friend online because it's so relatable to me and I suppose I can talk a lot about it if I want to.
 So, if you've been following my blog, you would know that I have an Instagram fan page called obsessedwithvamps. I've talked  about hate I've gotten and I have an ongoing series called 'How To Create A Successful Instagram Fanpage', in which I use my own experiences on obsessedwithvamps to give advice to beginners. If you've read my latest post in that series, you would know that relationships are very important when it comes to an Instgram fan page. If you haven't seen that one, you can catch up here. I'll wait. Don't worry.

Okay? Are you all caught up? 

So basically on Instgram, I am constantly making new friends. Constantly meeting people from all corners of the world. Constantly interacting with different people. It's often very fun and exciting especially when we get into conversations about where they're from and what life is like where they live. I love learning about the different cultures, education systems and practices from around the world. It's a pretty awesome thing.

When you make a friend online, there's always a line that you draw. How much information are you comfortable sharing with this person? How do you know that they really are just a teenaged person who wants to talk? For me, because 99% of the people that KIK me are straight from Instagram, I can usually trust who they say they are. You pretty much never encounter a 60 year old perv with a Vampire Diaries fan page account on Instagram so in that way I feel pretty safe conversing with the people I come across on the Internet. I would say that my online friendships are pretty safe. 

Once you can trust an online friend, it becomes very fun. Often, you meet online friends while pursuing your own interests. So that means that you can find similar interests and it makes for the best conversations. This is often better then real life friends. With real life friends, you have so many different interests and you have to learn them and often they aren't specific. But with online friends, its very specific. 

I think this has been a pretty long post. I still need to write yesterday's post. Yes, I didn't do it because I was really tired and I just wanted to read. I started reading Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother at 10.30pm last night and I only looked up when I finished the entire book 4 hours later at 2.30am. I love binge reading. So I've got to write yesterday's post and I also have to finish up my movie review for my CCA. Then I have to use up my Redbubble birthday vouchers from last year. They will be expiring in December so I've got to sort that out. See you yesterday ;)