Tuesday, 2 September 2014

What Are Some Things You Have Trouble Doing?

Hello readers. Today is a super busy day for me but I will keep up the blogging challenge. I will not fail after only 2 days. So today's topic is about the things I have trouble doing. There's a lot of that for me.

1) Focusing

As mentioned in a previous post, I have ADHD & Dyslexia so I have trouble focusing and concentrating on majority of tasks. That's why I currently have 10 tabs open and I'm flitting between them and my Instagram page as I write this.

2) Making Friends

I'm an introvert and I'm on the quieter side so I find it hard to put myself out there and make friends. I also find it hard to believe that people  actually enjoy my presence. I feel insignificant.

3) Sleeping In

For some reason I usually cannot sleep past 8.30am-9am. I'm not one of those teenagers who can sleep till 4pm.

4) Sleeping Late

I can manage up to 3am if it's for group work. Like if I have all my friends in a video chat doing work, I can handle 3am even though I'm usually dying by 1am. But if it's individual work, I will do all my work in the daytime. If there is no work to be done, I can only mange a maximum of 1am. I get so tired. Again, I'm not like normal teenagers.

5) Drinking Water

I am so bad at drinking water. I'm constantly being scolded by my parents and doctor because I don't drink enough and when they draw blood, my blood is usually pretty thick. I just don't like the fact that I have to pee a lot when I drink because I have a small bladder.

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