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PART 1: I've decided to write this post as a thank you to my beloved followers for getting me to 6k.

So to commemorate this milestone, I decided to come up with a few blog posts, a series if you will, on how to create a successful Instagram fan page  account from the ground up. In each post, I shall have 3 points. I'm not yet sure how many posts there will be by the end of this. I can be long winded. 

So, let's get to it then.


Creating an Instagram fan page account can be pretty daunting. Well, it was for me. I had to think about things like if I would have time to manage an account (I created this account last year when I had to sit for my major Cambridge exams). I also wanted everything to be perfect. Little did I realise that with a fan page account, you can never reach perfection. You will always be improving in some way or the other. 

BUT I'm going out of point. The point is, don't think too hard. Just go for it. Having a fan page account is unpredictable and that's what makes it so damn fun.


There actually is a story behind my username. When I created my account, I was just out of the Twilight fandom and I was really into the Vampire Diaries and vampires in general. I had (and still have) this really cool book about all the different types of vampires and they had cool stuff about the evolution of vampires in fiction and stuff. So I was really into vampires. Hence I decided on the username Obsessedwithvamps. 

Again pretty irrelevant to what I really want to say about this point (sorry). When coming up with a username, follow these tips:

1) Do not copy. Be original.
2) Avoid numbers. It makes you look like a noob and it also makes it harder for people to remember your username
3) Avoid underscores though if you really want an underscore, just use one. Not 5 or 6. 
4) Try to use something that is catchy and that has a ring to it.


This is super important when you have a fan page because it will be what you use to communicate with majority of your friends and occasionally, followers. You NEED a KIK. This is what you will use when you are communicating with people for SFSs, GSs, Megas and more (I'll make a post soon about the acronyms). You have to remember however, that this will be your professional KIK. 

What does that mean? Well firstly, it means that your particulars have to be on point. Your username, as far as possible, should be the same one you have for your Instagram. This will make it easier for people to find you on KIK. Again, don't have some crazy name.

Secondly, the format for your display name should be like this:

As you can see, it should have your name or nickname, followed by the number of followers you have (BE HONEST) and then you can put 'ON' or 'OFF' depending on when you are online so people know that they can contact you. 

Well, that's it for the first part of the series. I don't know why anyone would listen to my advice but I've been wanting to do this for  while so I don't really care. Part 2 will be out soon. 

Once again, thank you so much for 6K. Instagram has really become this big part of my life and I'm so grateful for all my 6000 friends. I honestly don't know why you guys follow me. I'm not the best editor out there. I'm not the most hardcore fan out there. So I'm really grateful that you guys don't care about that. Every follower, every like, its all special to me and I hope you guys know that.

**SIDE NOTE: I have included links to both my personal and fan page Instagram accounts by the side.

Part 2:

Welcome back to to part 2 of my ongoing series, How To: Create a Successful Fan Page. If you haven't seen part 1 then I'm sorry but 

Go check out part 1 if you haven't basically. The link is here {}

In this edition, I will be talking about the popular (basic) acronyms that are used on Instagram and KIK. 

So let's get to it and I'll explain why it's important to know these things later.

Shoutout For Shoutout. This is exactly the same as a PFP (Post For Post). It's when someone KIKs you a shoutout picture and caption and you send yours and both people post it and leave it up for 10 minutes unless otherwise discussed.

This is similar to an SFS but it is not done on KIK. It is done on Instagram directly. You simply take a screenshot of the person's account or edits and post it saying 'Follow @obsessedwithvamps', for example. Again, you leave it up for 10 minutes.

Group Shoutouts/Shares (GS):
This is where your nice people skills come in. This is also the place where you meet friends and network with people. Basically in a GS, someone will say 'Drop names'. You then post something like this:
Cam 1 
Someone will then gather the names and put them in a list. Then, by the order of the names, you send your SFS picture and caption and everyone will post. Then the next person will go and likewise till everyone is done. This can be fun but sometimes, when you have people who are not active, it can take a long time and be very annoying. So make sure you have time to remain active in the GS before agreeing to be in it.

TIP: Try to be first or second. Sometimes GS's breakdown after one or two people go because of inactiveness. Try not to get last because sometimes people don't post. That said, don't go bat crazy if you do end up last. Just deal with it. Not everybody doesn't post. Also don't leave if you do end up last because it is 

This is similar to a GS except when someone says 'Drop', you type your username like this:
Then someone will gather the names to put in a list. REMEMBER. If you are the one gathering, you have to send your username as well. Then you gather according to who dropped first. Don't shove your name on top simply because you gathered or because you are hosting. It's very rude. Then, someone will make a caption and someone else will post a mega picture. Then everyone posts and leaves it there for 10 minutes. Pretty simple.

TIP: Try to get your name on top as much as you can without being rude or cheating. People sometimes like to follow the top person only. If you can't get on the top, try to put your name last because it's just as good as getting a top place.

This is pretty fun as long as you have active people and good coordination. These things don't happen often though because it takes 20 people and some people just don't want to deal with that 'ish. ANYWAY. An ultra is basically when you have two full KIK groups (so 20 people) and you have one person who is in both groups. Then, you drop your usernames, someone will gather it and the person that is in both groups will combine the names from both groups and then it will be like a mega but with 20 people. I've been in good and bad ones so be careful. If it looks like its falling apart, leave. Don't waste your time.

This means 'Comment When Done'. Pretty self-explanatory. 

So that's it for part 2. It is super important to know these things because it is very annoying when you have someone asking you to explain it. You most likely think I'm being bitchy here. Let me explain. Majority of established fan pages have what they call SFS time. This is an allocated time when accounts will do a lot of SFS to gain followers. That means that it is highly likely that a person will be in 3-4 megas, one GS and a couple of SFSs all at once. It's hectic obviously and the last thing you need is someone asking questions. So don't be that someone. 

I hope you guys liked this post. Stay tuned for part 3 which will have more tips!

(P.S. Just a note, just like part 1, when this post hits 100 views, I will post part 3)