Sunday, 21 September 2014

Movies That Make Me Cry

Hello readers! Happy Sunday. As I'm writing this, I am starting to feel the effects of the sleepy pill I took because I have to be up early tomorrow for a meeting. And by early I mean 5.30am which is like some god-forsaken hour. By the way, I just typed some of that using my toes because I am such a weirdo.

Okay, so today was okay. I made meatballs and mashed potatoes for my mom and brother for lunch because I am pretty much Jamie Oliver (Just kidding they were all Ikea frozen stuff). But it tasted good regardless so screw you haters!

I did scripture reading this morning and I spent most of the time wondering if my dress was actually tucked into the back of my underwear or something.

So, movies that make me cry. I'm not the kind of person that cries easily over books and movies. I don't know why. I've mentioned before that I didn't cry over The Fault In Our Stars. I am the type of person that starts sobbing while watching videos of army men surprising their loved ones. I cry while reading the blog of a woman who's son has died (Ronan omg). I don't cry at the most conventional things like love stories.

What I do cry over however are movies where I feel like I can connect with the characters. If I can feel at the end of the movie that perhaps this is a situation that could happen to anyone, including me, I would mostly likely be crying.

For example, during the movie 'The Last Song', I didn't cry when Miley's character broke up with Liam's. Instead I cried when the father died because in my head, I was thinking 'omg what if this was my dad' and instantly I started sobbing because it became real to me.

I'm not weird and emotionless. It's just me I guess. Chick flicks don't make me cry, my friends. It takes something more real then that to make me cry.

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