Friday, 5 September 2014

5 Places You Want To Visit

Guess what! Today's topics were good! So I got to pick from what was on my mind to the 5 places I wanted to visit. I was actually pretty busy today so I'm currently really exhausted.  I am in no mood to sort through the chaos that is my mind so I thought I would do the easier one. Just as I was writing that last sentence, I got really inspired to write a topic related to my mind. Wow. Okay. I need to stop rambling and get to today's topic.

1) New York City

This is the place that I want to live in one day. I don't want to just visit, I want to move there. I've always had this really glamorised version of New York in my head. I just think it must be the most beautiful and happening place ever. Do let me know if that's not true.

2) London

Majority of my favourite Youtubers live in London. Or Brighton really. Zoe, Louise, Alfie, Caspar & Marcus. Mostly I've seen London through their vlogs and I just think it's so lovely there. I also really like how the British talk. They have the sexiest accents and they have the cutest way of saying things. Oh! And of course I want to visit Harry Potter World.


3) Venice

I want to go to Venice because I've heard that it's a gorgeous place. Well, I mean just from the pictures it looks lovely. I heard that its a very relaxing and romantic place to visit so I would like to experience that one day. It's perfect for photos too.

4) Scotland

I want to go to Scotland because of the beautiful castles. I think they look gorgeous and it would be so cool to get to see these wonderful historic castles. Plus, from what I've seen on Colleen Ballinger's Instagram, Scotland is very green and beautiful.

5) Greece

To be specific, I want to visit Santorini because that's the place to visit right? Recently, Alfie, Zoe, Marcus, Naomi, Tanya and Jim went on a holiday in this very place. The pictures they took were just gorgeous and I would love to be in a place like this. This is totally my kind of place.

I love travelling and I love finding out about new places. I think it's so cool to be able to experience different countries and to meet different people. I hope one day I'll get to  travel to all these places as well as many more.

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