Tuesday, 23 September 2014

6 Of Your Favorite Things In Your Room

Hello guys! I'm posting twice today. This is weird. On the bright side, today I didn't spell hello with a 'w'. CRAP! I just did. LEGIT. THIS. IS. SPARTA.

*whispers*I don't know what sparta is.

Well. That was a fantastic intro.
So you guys know what I did this morning. I attended my first event as a media representative. I was basically live blogging from 4am to 2.30pm today because of the event so if you haven't seen it, go check it out here.

After the event, I spent some time catching up on the usual vlogs I watch everyday. Zoe's, Alfie's and Lilly's. I kind of needed some quiet time by myself after this morning because I had to be social. Now I know you most likely don't understand this. Immediately after the event, I texted my dad. I was really upset to be honest. I guess it was all about the moment. But I was upset and I texted him saying that it was awful. So he calmly asked me why. I replied with one sentence.

 "Because I had to talk"

And he immediately got it. He completely understood what I was feeling which I was so grateful for. He's always been on a similar wavelength as me I guess. Later when I told my mom that it was horrible because I had to talk, she laughed and made a joke even though I wasn't trying to be funny. 

What really happened was that I panicked because I felt so alone and I felt like everyone but me knew what was happening and what they had to do. That said, I realise that this was only my first event. I will have more in the future as a journalist and I need to toughen myself up and get the job done. It was a great experience overall though which I am ridiculously grateful for. As I said before, the panic and awful feelings was all part of the moment. After I had some time alone, I felt so much better and by about 4pm I had started writing the article for the event and I got it submitted by about 5. I felt great after that.

I also got my official office email address today too. It's got the newspaper's handle and it's so official and I feel so important.

So that was my day. Not too bad I think. All I know is that I don't have anything to do tomorrow and I really need a chill, sleep in day after having 3 consecutive early mornings with so much to do.
So, 6 of my favourite things in my room. I don't know if I should be honest with this list. I feel like my room is like my personal safe haven. I don't know. A room is so incredibly personal isn't it? Okay let's see.

1) My Teddy Bear

My brother got him for me for my 16th birthday. It's the perfect size to cuddle with.

2) My pillow

(I'm talking about a pillow I've had since I was a baby. I can't sleep without it.)

3) My bed

4) My Macbook

5) My owl coasters

6) The wall behind my bed (my inspiration wall)
To be honest, I like my wall more then my coasters. I'm such a badass rebel.

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