Saturday, 20 September 2014

Concerts You Have Attended

Hello readers! Welcome back to another day in the life of yours truly.

 I spent some time yesterday thinking about my blog and about the direction it was taking. I decided this. I wasn't going to put pressure on myself to write something specifically that I know people would want to read.

I'm the kind of writer that enjoys leaving pieces of myself for people to find in my work. So writing about myself and my day is enjoyable to me. Writing reviews and guides is fun but it's certainly not something I think I can pursue on a long term basis. I want to stay true to myself as I embark on this blogging journey.

And the best part is, I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. My latest posts have actually been getting a lot of views. I'm just hit 2000 views on my blog. I know and understand that this blog may never make me notable in any way or form if I choose to go down this road. It's a risky road. But I think there are so many bloggers and vloggers out there who are famous for just writing and filming their lives. I'm not expecting great things from this blog but I like knowing that it's here and that I can write anytime I feel I need to.

I've also decided that I actually don't particularly like the blogging challenge. When I started it, I did so to create accountability and to help me get into the momentum of blogging everyday. I'm 20 days in and I think blogging has become a crucial part of my day already. For the sake of accountability however, I shall finish up the final 10 days of the challenge. Next month onwards, I will hopefully still manage to blog everyday but I will name my posts properly and relevantly according to my day.

Well now that that's out of the way, let me tell you about my first proper concert that I attended. The first concert I ever attended was this year. I went to watch Ellie Goulding's Halcyon Days tour with my brother.

I actually got the tickets from a friend who won tickets but wasn't a huge fan. I love Ellie Goulding so he gave them to me. The tickets were for stall A which was legit right at the stage. She was basically standing right in front of me. It was fantastic. She sang so many of my favourite songs including 'The Writer' and the song she sang for Divergent. I had such an awesome time. 

I tried to upload videos and more photos here for you guys but it won't process and I kind of want to get back to watching Teen Wolf and decorating my wall. So I'm going to end the post here. See you tomorrow!

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