Monday, 15 September 2014

Do You Believe Teenagers Can Fall In Love?

Hello readers! Today has been quite a tiring day. Today I started my healthy lifestyle plan. So basically I plan to largely cut out junk food from my diet and I plan to go for daily brisk walks. Tiny things that will hopefully lead to some weight loss. 

I got a cute new bedside lamp today. It's pink and adorable. I also walked slightly more then 2km today which I'm pleased about. I've been having a horrible headache all day. I think it's because I didn't sleep much last night. Why didn't I sleep much? Well because I had 4 cups of green tea and didn't realise that it would have caffeine in it. If this was Twitter, I would put a major '#storyofmylife' tag here. I am all over the place today aren't I?

Today's topic sucks. But my alternative was to post a picture of someone I fancy. I don't fancy anyone and even if I did, It would be so mortifying if said person saw it one day. So no. I have to do this one. I would just like to point out that I've just been watching too much of Zoe and Alfie so my inner voice is now British. Hence the use of the word 'fancy' instead of 'like'.
Yes I do believe that teenagers can fall in love. I'm not going to write a full argumentative essay proving my point but of course teenagers can fall in love. It happens all the time and it's sometimes even better. To be like friends and then go on to dating.