Sunday, 14 September 2014

What Gives You Everyday Inspiration?

WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF EVERY DAMN DAY?? I leave blogging to like 10pm when I'm exhausted and desperately wanting to sleep. Then I'll make up some excuse to not blog but ultimately I'll tell myself that nothing great ever comes from being lazy and I'll blog anyway but before I tackle the topic, I'll always complain about how tired I am. Seriously. It's a pattern. 

So, today I got up at 6.30am for church. It was my pastor's last day in our church after years and I was really really sad about it. He prayed for me during communion though and he prayed that I will continue to serve the Lord. This year, thanks to him, I really put myself out there and started serving. I got into sunday school, projection, scripture reading and I went for Serve 2014 and a mission trip. So God and my pastor really helped me to get out there and I will really miss him a whole lot.

After that, I got home for about 2 hours then I followed my dad to work. He had some stuff to do. So I was there with him all afternoon. Basically I sat in his office eating pasta and watching movies. Also I had like 4 cups of green tea and then went to the bathroom a billion time. In the bathroom I learned that my dad's office has toilets that can recline and be adjusted.

After that I went to my aunt's house for a bit where I got myself locked in the bathroom. I didn't have my phone so I was only rescued about 10 minutes later when my cousin heard me knocking on the door. So that was my day in 3 paragraphs haha. Fun fact: I was in the same outfit from 7am-8pm today.

Today's topic can be summed up in one sentence to be honest but I shall try to elaborate.
My bedroom wall gives me inspiration. If you don't know, I started a project to decorate my room and make it into a very Tumblr kind of room. You can check out my progress here. That's day 1 and you can check out the rest on your own from that link because I'm too tired to link (I'm sorry).

Anyway so my wall is still a work in progress but it has my vision board on it and a whole lot of cool and inspiring quotes and pictures on it. Sometimes I like to lie on my bed, face my wall, and just read it. It really inspires me.

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