Saturday, 13 September 2014

3 Confessions

Hello readers! If you're wondering, I just spelt hello with a 'w' and spent some time wondering why my Mac underlined it (Yay for being smart). Its almost 10pm and I've taken some medication because my gastric is not being very kind to me. That sentence was probably all kinds of wrong (what is wrong with me?).  Also I've taken an extra sleepy pill to help me sleep because I've been having nightmares and very strange dreams lately. They make me toss and turn a lot and I wake up quite a bit. So I'm exhausted. Tomorrow I have church so I have to be up at 6.30am (oh no). I can't afford to not rest well tonight or I'll be falling asleep during sermon which is not a good idea. So this post is going to be extremely short. 3 confessions. Okay let's go.
1) I still have a ratty pillow from when I was a baby and all my life, up till today, I cannot sleep without it.

2) I read half of the first Fifty Shades Of Grey book when I was 14. I swear that's all I ever read of that trilogy. Nothing more.

3) I was the hugest Belieber for almost 2 years. Then he punched that paparazzi with Selena there and his shoe fell off and my love for him just slowly died down as he descended into the criminal life.