Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Barely Naked

I'm really excited to share with you guys the latest thing I got. I got a Barely Naked iPhone Sticker!

Now, besides my laptop, my iPhone is my most prized possession. My baby goes everywhere with me. As such, it's so important to me that my phone looks good and is well protected at all times. I personally believe that the way your iPhone looks just represents who you are as a person. Are you girly or a tomboy? Are you messy or neat? That kind of thing. So I was so excited when I discovered Barely Naked.

Barely Naked is a store that allows you to customise an iPhone/iPad/iPod sticker for your gadget (They have Samsung, LG and a few others too). These stickers are special because they cover all sides on your phone and they are meant to protect your phone. So you don't need an iPhone cover. 

I was really excited and because I wanted my personal touch on my sticker, I decided to customise one myself. I picked a lovely floral background from Tumblr and using the super easy to use website, I very quickly had my design layout sorted out and I purchased it. The best part is, it was super cheap. Just $12.90 for my iPhone. 

It arrived the following week in the mail and everything looked beautiful.

I immediately set about putting the sticker on my phone. It took a while because I've never done this before but the sticker was super durable. It was able to withstand being taken off and repositioned about 3 times over. I was very impressed by that.

This was what it looked like when I was done.

I'm so happy with my new sticker. I'm proud to say that 

Go to their website to get your own sticker!

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