Monday, 8 September 2014

How To: Create An Instagram Fan Page {Part 4}

Welcome back to part 4 of my on-going series, How To: Create An Instagram Fan Page. My last 3 posts in the series talked about popular Instagram acronyms as well as how to go about starting your fan page. If you haven't seen them, what on earth are you waiting for??

Anyway, here we go with part 4. This post will mostly tackle building relationships and how to go about making friends and building your name.

1)  Relationships

One of the most important things when it comes to owning a successful Instagram fan page is to make good friends. Friends are there to make Instagram more fun, to look out for you and to help you gain followers.

I met one of my IG besties, Amo, a long time ago. At that time, I had about 1K and she had 6K. I idolised her because I thought she was so cool (she still is pretty cool). Later on, when I had about 3K, she applied to join a promo group that I was starting with my two other friends, Kyla and Maegan. The promo group is called The Petrova Pact and its still active till today. Anyway, she was accepted in and we went from just mutual friends to really good friends. We helped each other out a lot and we talk quite a bit. We even oovoo-ed once with some of the other Petrova Pact members.

There's also Uday and Jess who are so sweet and who add me to everything and talk to me all the time and who know when I'm on.

The point is that friends are a vital part of your Instagram journey. I have been so blessed to have met so many wonderful people from all over the world through obsessedwithvamps. I honestly really don't know where I would be without them.

(Shoutout to my friends: Amo, Nikki, Jess, Uday and so many more)

Friends really help you and the only way you can make friends is by not being bitchy and nasty. Don't burn bridges. Make them.

2) Professional Relationships

This is a continuation of my first point of not burning bridges. Now, in your time on Instagram, you will be a participant of a mega/GS/sfs at one point or the other. This is where you build your contacts. As your account grows, you will meet people with bigger accounts and sometimes you rarely talk but you guys do a lot of promoting for each other.

What I'm getting at is to be professional. Don't fool around on a group chat because people are there to gain followers. Not to fool around. Unless everyone is having fun, maintain a bit of professionalism. Too many times I've been in something and there is one person fooling around and annoying everyone. It's okay to have fun. Instagram is supposed to be fun. But learn when to turn it down a notch.

I personally have so many professional relationships. I have so many people with which I do SFS all the time but who I hardly know. These people are important to build your account.

(You also have a responsibility to make sure that other people do not get into your kik and harass your contacts. I wrote this point mainly because recently, a contact let her cousin on her phone. This cousin wrecked havoc and was so nasty to me and another girl that I had to block her. And I never got an apology from the original owner. I don't consider that professionalism)

3) Have A Good Reputation

Once you have established your account, you will find that you tend to be doing megas, GSs and SFS with about the same people. Which is why you need to build a good reputation from the start.

There are two girls that I know on Instagram who are complete bitches. Everyone knows that when they are around, a fight will break out because one of the girl's likes to swear and cause trouble and her friend will back her up. They are vicious and everyone knows that. But the thing is, she only has 1K+. And huge accounts with 20K+ actually know her and know that she is a bitch. So that only makes it hard for her to gain because as she climbs up the ladder, people are just going to know that they don't want to do anything with her because she is a world-class asshole.

Same goes for scamming people (when you get someone to post your sfs picture but then you don't post theirs). People will remember that. So watch yourself and create a good reputation.

That's all for part 4. I just wanted to say thank you. I started this series because I got 6K. Today I got 8.1K so I just want to say thank you for following me. If you want to find me on Instagram, my links are in the sidebar to your right.

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