Thursday, 25 September 2014

Things I Do On A Rainy Day

I always feel so sluggish about writing my daily blog post. But then I start writing and the words just pour out of me and next thing you know, I've written a novel.
Hello guys! It's another day and guess what. It was another chill day for me. I watched Maleficent till 2am last night. I regret that so much. I woke up at 9am today which is really late for me. I woke up and heard the rain. It was absolutely pouring and it was really nice and cosy under my blankets.

I got up though because I hated the idea that it was already 9am. My mom and I went to visit my maternal grandma and that was very nice because I haven't really visited her in a while.

This afternoon, I finished season 4 of Teen Wolf, watched the premiere of Modern Family season 6, watched this week's episode of New Girl and of course I watched the usual vlogs that I watch everyday. So today was another chill day with a lot of laptop time.

I know. I feel lazy. I'm waiting for the October articles to come in so I can proofread them for the October issue of What's Up. They should be in soon then I can blog about that and I won't be so lazy anymore.

Oh! Today my TRXYE jumper came in the mail!

 I've been waiting about a month for it to arrive and I'm so excited. At this point though, I think I'm more excited about the fact that Zoe wears her TRXYE jumper nearly every night and she wears them a lot in her vlogs and stuff. So the fact that I have and can wear something that is 100% identical to Zoe Sugg's is mind-blowing for me. Of course I'm still proud of Troye Sivan though.

So, things I do on rainy days. I live in Singapore. Which means it's very hot all year round. I personal prefer cold weather and I dream of living in a country with the four seasons one day. So when it rains, it's a big thing for me. I love to be at home when it's raining. I will usually curl up in bed with a book and a cup of tea. I will also take the opportunity to wear one of my warm and cosy jumpers because it's usually too hot for that.