Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The 5 Little Things That Make Me Happy

Recently I discovered a couple of simple things that actually make me happy. I guess they were there always but I only just acknowledged them.

1) Eating Whipped Cream 

I am in love with whipped cream. I know it's super fattening and unhealthy but I love it. I think a little whipped cream treat once in a while isn't the worst thing in the world. I love licking the whipped cream with chocolate sauce off the top of my chocolate drinks. I don't know. It just makes me happy. Maybe it's the sugar.

2) Starbucks

I am in love with the Chocolate Chip Cream Frapps (with whipped cream of course). I guess it is again the sugar but I do feel great after having one. Recently, I told my dad that Starbucks makes me happy and he took my Starbucks card and topped it up for me. I was so touched. Yes yes. I know. I'm not a brat. I'm just blessed to have loving parents. Anyway, I don't live that close to a Starbucks so it's a treat I allow myself only once in a while.

3) Waking Up

Let me clarify. Sometimes, especially on days when I have nothing to do, I like to wake up at like 5.30am or something and just hang out with my family. My dad and brother would be getting ready to leave for work and school and I would just be walking around the house with them as they got ready and I would talk to them. My mom would usually be up too and  she will make breakfast for me. I then like to just watch TV. I never watch TV anymore. I watch a lot of TV on my laptop but I rarely sit in front of the TV. So I'll just watch cartoons or anything that's on really in my pyjamas and sometimes I fall asleep again. It's just really nice.

4) That Moment Before You Fall Asleep

My favourite time of the day is when I shut down all my gadgets for the day and I just curl up in bed and wait for sleep to take me. Usually to fall asleep, I'll tell myself a story. This is highly personal but I usually imagine my perfect life with the people that will hopefully one day be in my life. That is my absolute favourite thing to do. When I'm cosy and warm and just being my perfect future self.

5) The Rain

I really love the rain. It's my favourite weather ever. The best is night/early morning rain. I love cold weather so much and I love it when the sky is dark and its so windy that the trees are moving. I love being able to sit in my room with a sweater on. It's so cosy and nice. Sweater weather is just perfect always.