Monday, 25 August 2014

Why Am I Sad?

This is becoming too common. This usually happens in the evenings. I start to feel a bit down and so I start to feel like writing. When I'm sad, I like to write. So somehow I'll find myself at my blog. I'll read through old posts and then I'll end up staring at a blank new post page. I'll wait and try to figure out what exactly is making me sad just so that I can write it down and post something remotely coherent and it just never comes. I'll write one line, save it to my drafts and leave it.

The fact is that I am not coherent. When I am in a mood, I am just not coherent. I can't pinpoint exactly what is making me sad but I know that there's this heavy feeling in my chest. I feel like crying. I actually feel like cutting open my chest to take this feeling out. This weird thing that feels so awful.

Ugh! I just have this need to convey something. Anything. To someone.

God I'm such a messy person when it comes to emotions.

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