Friday, 1 August 2014

Sweet Enamels

I'm really excited to finally get to show you guys what I've been up to. A while ago, I decided to try blog shop modelling. I really thought it was an interesting thing to do and so I went for it.

Greek Triangle Necklace ($12.50)

Sweet Enamels decided to give me 2 necklaces to model and model them I did.

The necklaces I modelled were fantastic pieces. They were absolutely gorgeous. I got a few close-ups here:

Bird Cage Decorated Long Chain Necklace ($12.50)

So here are the modelled pictures from our photo shoot

Woah hair

Trying (and failing) to be a model

If you like the necklaces, you can get your own by visiting their sites:

You guys can key in SWEETXCAM for a 15% special discount off their products as well. (P.S. They have new stuff which arrived just last week and they are really pretty)

These are some outtakes from the shoot :)

This was my photographer (and brother) Nathaniel. He's got a photography account on Instagram called @thegoldenrim which you should really follow just because.

I took this :)