Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Taking This One To The Grave: A PLL Finale Review


I just saw the mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars. About 5 minutes before I saw the episode, I saw the huge spoiler that Mona had died. I was so upset because I hate spoilers so much. Anyway, now that I've got that out, lets go into the episode.

The episode opened with Emily, Hanna, Aria and Ezra all standing outside Mona's house. They were all holding each other and crying and there was police tape everywhere. Viewers didn't know who had been killed though. It was very sweet to see Emily hugging a sobbing Hanna and Ezra hugging Aria.

1) Spencer

I really pity Spencer. She's a good person but she's being haunted by all these things from the past. She doesn't even know what exactly she did on the night of Bethany Young's murder. I think Alison was just cruel to pin the murder of Bethany on her. I mean she knows how much this is affecting Spencer.

2) Emily

I loved watching Emily get so excited about decorating her house and being so happy. It was also pretty sad when Emily found out that Alison simply handpicked them. I think as the 'loyal one', she was the most affected by this news.

I've always felt that Emily is the most sensitive in the group. Like she truly is a loyal person. She was the last person to believe that Ali was capable of lying to them. She was the last person to stand by Ali. I think she was really the most betrayed and I hate Ali for doing that to her.

3) Toby

I'm so proud of him for having graduated from the police academy (even though it somehow only took about 3-4 episodes). Anyway, I was really happy for him and I was kind of angry at Spencer for not prioritising his graduation ceremony. I know they were in the middle of something revolutionary but they do something like this every day. Toby needed her that night and she was not there.

I wonder if the car accident was on purpose. Maybe someone didn't want Toby to be on the police force. Also, I wonder if his injury will affect or delay him becoming a police officer. I really hope not.

4) Ezria

Can I just say right now that the Ezria feels were just killing me? I loved the part when they were making the pumpkin pies together and Aria was telling him how her family was like and how they would be judging him. It was really cute and so honest. Like I feel that this show. This whole A thing takes away the lives of all the girls. So to see Ezra and Aria have such a normal conversation in such a normal situation was extremely nice.

5) Spoby

I just can't even with these two. They are so adorable together. That scene when Toby showed up at Spencer's house and they did that policeman acting thing was just too cute. Again I thought that this slab of normalcy was very refreshing and very sweet.

6) Mona

Can I just say that I was just starting to like her. You could see that she truly did what she did because Ali scared her and pushed her to the edge. And she really tried to make amendments in this episode by helping the girls. It was so sad that just as she solved the case, she was so brutally murdered. And it must have been a brutal murder. She was in her room upstairs but there was blood all over the house. She was thrown into a trunk! That's so violent and tragic. Yes she did a lot of nasty stuff. But she didn't deserve that.

7) Alison

Finally, Alison. I think she truly is a psychopath and I truly believe that she is A. I don't think that she killed Mona though. The girl that killed Mona had shorter hair then Ali. Maybe it was Cece. I despise her honestly.

Well, that's it for PLL reviews till October.

Also, I got retweeted by the official PLL Twitter page this morning. And this happened. 234 retweets and 516 favourites. It's still happening. Like people are still retweeting and favoriting. It's blowing my mind. I'm pretty starstruck.

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