Sunday, 2 November 2014

(Another) Yankee Candle Haul

Hey guys! Guess what! Today my mom and I went to Yankee Candle again! Ever since I went there for the first time last month, I have become a total Yankee fangirl. I love the candles that I got at my last visit and I just had to have more even though I haven't even finished one candle...Err...Opps? (Also Yankee is getting festive! Look at the Christmas bag omg!)

Oh check out my haul from the first time I visited Yankee Candle here.

So today we got 6 candles. 1 of them was the Apple Cider one which is my absolute favourite. The other 5 were new scents. 

1)  Cranberry Pear

So the first candle I got was the Cranberry Pear one. The guy that was serving us was really nice and chatty. He was great at sales. Anyway, he was trying to recommend some candles to me and I told him that my favourite scent was the Apple Cider one. So he gave me some of the spicier scents to try. I really liked this scent. It was very strong but still sweet. It was a lot like the Apple Cider one in fact. Though it was rougher in some ways. Like Apple Cider is the female version and Cranberry Pear is the male one.

2) Midnight Jasmine

We got this candle for my dad. He wanted a jasmine scented candle. Honestly, this candle was not my cup of tea. I thought it smelled very flower-y and quite frankly, it smelled like old people. So yep. That's that. Hopefully my dad enjoys that...
3) Luau Party

This scent was such a funky scent. It really screamed 'beach party'. Well okay. Maybe not screamed... Luau Party smells fresh but also slightly tangy. The smell is strong which I like. I like the scents that really make you look up and notice that there is a scented candle burning. So this is really one of them. I would say that this is good for an afternoon party or a tea party. Or even just a quiet read on a Sunday afternoon. Basically, it's a very afternoon and outdoor-sy candle.
4) Lovely Kiku

I picked up this candle initially because of the colour. My favourite colour is purple so I was immediately drawn to it. When I smelled it, I thought it was amazing. It was very sweet and feminine. It was strong enough to be noticed but light enough that it didn't make you feel stifled. I often feel stifled with floral scents so I think this manages to be flower-y but not overpowering which is great.
5) Margarita Time

This candle was actually for my brother. He said he wanted the same candle that we got him the last time. Except that I didn't really like that one because the scent wasn't strong. It was practically not there. So I pretended that I didn't know what it was and got him this green candle. I was hoping he would give it to me because the smell is very feminine and fun but...he still wants it...So bummer for me. I did try... So this scent is nice and strong but not overpowering. Again, this candle is very outdoorsy. I don't associate it with some of the cosier scents. It's more of a day candle. 

Overall, I'm really happy with what we got. That said, there were a few that I wanted but we didn't get. I wanted November Rain, Bahama Breeze and Island Spa. Unfortunately they only have them in the giant jars which I didn't want. I mean, I love the jars. I do. If it were up to me, I would buy all the cute jars. But they are so expensive. And I feel like the smaller candles are so much cheaper yet they last a good amount of time and are exactly the same. Plus small candles mean that you have an excuse to pop into Yankee Candle more often ;)

Also, this last picture was taken with the help of my mom. She saw me taking
pictures and took her little 'Stitch of Love'
 hanging thing and gave it to me to use as a backdrop. It was so cute.

By the way, if you're wondering why the themes in both my Yankee candle haul posts are more on the leafy and outdoors kind, it's because my mom loves plants and my dad loves fish. So we have quite the forest in our home. I love it honestly.