Saturday, 1 November 2014


Yesterday you woke up with an empty heart. You put on your best clothes and did your hair up the best way you knew how. As you critically examined yourself in the mirror, you resigned yourself to the fact that you wouldn't stand out. You weren't pretty. You couldn't do your make up like the rest of them. You would never reach their level. But you tried anyway. You struggled to lift your head. Commanding your reflection in the mirror to be strong, you quickly walked out of the house. Your heart was beating wildly. You could feel every atom in your being contracting. Screaming at you to turn around. But you kept your head up. You kept moving.

Finally there, you sought out the familiar. Only to find that somehow they had all moved on. In the months you spent alone. In the time you spent finding yourself, somehow, everyone had moved on. Without you. All that time you spent refusing to acknowledge it. Well you couldn't hide anymore now could you? Because there they were. Right in front of you. The product of months spent seeking solitude. You weren't one of them anymore. Somehow along the way, you became the outsider. The enemy. How naive could you be? The world will never wait for you to catch up.  What the hell did you do? It was all perfect! Why the hell did you have to screw it up once again?


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