Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Ten Thousand

Last night, (well really it was midnight so it's counted as today) I hit 10k on my Instagram page. 10 thousand. 10,000. Wow. I was so excited. I was nearly crying. In fact I couldn't stop smiling and I couldn't sit still.

I actually had 9998 followers and 12 requests but I was so afraid to accept them because it's been such a long but wonderful journey. It was 1 and a half years of hard work. And finally, I was upon my biggest milestone. My best friend, Uday, had to convince me to accept them before I would do it.

I accepted them and immediately posted my 10K thank you speech. Now even before I hit 10k, I was already having people congratulate me. So I posted my speech and immediately it blew up. People began commenting how happy they were for me and how much I deserved it and there was just so much  support and love for me and it was just unreal. My KIK was also blowing up. I had a million people talking to me all at once. All my friends were gushing about how happy they were for me. It was just so sweet and I was so incredibly touched.

Getting 10k was something I never imagined I could do. When I first started obsessedwithvamps, I had 0 followers. I was posting pictures and getting zero likes (or if I was lucky, maybe 1 or 2). Slowly however, my account grew. I started to learn the in and outs of this wonderful platform. I learnt and am still learning how to edit and what makes a good edit. I made friends and I learnt what it meant to have friends so close to you that they will rally right beside you if anyone tries to be mean to you. I learnt so many wonderful things. I learnt how to stand up for myself. I learnt about being fair.

I made so many amazing friends. From the Petrova Pact to my best friend, Uday who has helped me so much and who has become more then a friend. He has become my 'partner in crime' and my team mate. I couldn't be more grateful to have met such a wonderful and caring person like Uday. (GO TEAM #CADAY)

My Instagram journey has certainly been a very memorable one. And the best part about it is that I worked hard for every single one of my followers. I never had a co-owner or a minion to help me get followers. For me, it wasn't about seeing how fast I can get a lot of followers. For me, it was about the hard work that I put in and about building an account that I could look at and say, "I'm proud of this because I achieved this myself and people appreciate what I do on this account."

One of the best things about this account is of course my wonderful and beautiful followers. When you're on Instagram, you meet so many different types of people. You meet selfish, hateful and jealous people. But more often then not, you meet sweet, kind and loving people. I know that my followers are all amazing and dynamic people. I know this because so many of them take the time out of their day to comment something nice on my pictures. Or to randomly KIK me saying that they love my edits.

You guys make me happy and so in turn, I love making you guys happy. Not just with my edits but also with the little things. You have no idea how much it means to me when a follower comments something on my page and then goes crazy because I replied them. Or when I followed some of you and this was your reaction:

Or when you guys say that I've made your day or that you wait everyday for me to post an edit. It really makes me feel so amazing. Like some of you fangirl over my account and I'm just like. I am not freaking Zoe Sugg or Superwoman. I'm just a regular person who loves to edit. So you guys really just make my day all time and I just want to show you guys that I appreciate every like, every comment, every single follow.

Throughout my time on Instagram, I've kept a folder which contains screenshots of some of the nice things you guys have said to me. I'm posting a few of them not to show off or be proud but mostly to say that I see everything and I appreciate it so so much. Sometimes when I'm down, I go through this folder and I see all these reasons why people think I'm awesome. So even if I'm having the crappiest day, you guys always know how to brighten it up and I'm so thankful.

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