Tuesday, 14 October 2014

(Mini) Yankee Candle Haul

Hey guys! So two days ago, I found out something amazing. Yankee Candle is in Singapore!! Yay! Okay okay. I know. Basically I'm at least two years late on that one (as always). I try so hard....

Anyway, I really love scented candles and I've been wanting a Yankee Candle for a long time now. I always see them in haul videos and stuff like that on Youtube so I really wanted one. I just never thought that they may be in Singapore because to me, it was an American brand and American brands like Bath & Body Works and Lush are quite hard to come by in Singapore (though you will be pleased to note that I have since found these two shops in Singapore).

So I found out that there was a Yankee Candle in Singapore and freaked out. So today, my mom and I went there. We went to the Parkway Parade branch. The store is located at Basement 1. The other Singapore outlets are listed here.

We spent a total of $19 on 6 of the small candles because everything is really expensive. Certainly it makes me wonder if it's cheaper in other countries. Anyway, let's get to what we bought. 4 candles are of different scents and the remaining 2 are repeats.

1) Apple Cider

The first one I'm showing you is my ultimate favourite. This is the Apple Cider candle and we got two of these. It smells heavenly. It smells a lot like cinnamon but with a twinge of sweetness so it isn't completely cinnamon-y (cinnamon-y? Who do I think I am?). I personally don't really like cinnamon so I loved how this candle took that cinnamon smell and made it something nicer, sweeter and less intense.

The candle is very strong with it's scent. I burnt it for less then 5 minutes this afternoon and my room instantly filled up with the scent. So I decided to blow it out after a while to save it because my room already smelt strongly of apple cider. It's just fantastic.

2) Autumn Leaves

This was my second favourite from all the candles we got today (we got two of these as well). It's the Autumn Leaves scent and (obviously) it's part of the Autumn collection. In Singapore, we have only one season all year round and that is Bloody Hot. So I don't know what Autumn smells like. Personally though, I don't think it had a very Autumn kind of smell but I loved it all the same. It's got a very fresh and mildly sweet scent. I love how it's sweet but not so sweet that you feel stifled. It's got a very 'sitting-next-to-the-fireplace' kind of smell. If I really want to describe it, I would say that I smell it and I see Christmas in a cosy cottage with a fire place blazing. Sitting in front of it with a mug of hot chocolate and wrapped in a warm jumper. That's how Autumn Leaves smells to me. And I love all things cosy so this candle is just perfection to me.

3) Silver Birch

This scent, if I were to be honest, isn't my ultimate favourite. My mom picked it out and her taste is less fruity and sweet and more musky. So this one wasn't sweet at all. However, I loved how relaxing it smelt.

 It smelled very relaxing and it actually smelled manly. I could see a guy using this candle. It's not sweet so it's more masculine in my opinion. Certainly not my cup of tea but if it floats your boat.

4) Bay Leaf Wreath

I love this candle. It smells gorgeous! It's got a very fresh, sweet and relaxing scent about it. It actually smells a lot like Christmas (honestly this smelled more like Christmas then the actual Christmas Eve candle). To me, this candle smells like freshly washed clothes and a lazy Sunday afternoon. Perfect if you want a candle that can hold it's own in regards to the scent but is also subtle enough to make you feel like it's just right.

So that's all for my haul. This is my first time doing a haul and if I base it off other haul videos and blogs that I have seen, I guess there are too little candles for a full haul. So I guess it's a mini haul. That's pretty cute to be honest. Considering that the candles are all mini too.

Anyway, it's a pity that we didn't get more. We were kind of in a little rush and also we decided that since we have a Yankee Candle in Singapore, we can easily go back to buy more.  I hope you enjoy it. Leave me a comment and tell me what your favourite Yankee Candle scent is. I would love to hear about it.

P.S. We basically got to smell every candle in the shop and after we left, my nose was itchy and I couldn't smell properly for like an hour. It's a wonderful shop but really overpowering.

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