Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sunday Summary: First Week In School

This week, I went back to school! It was the first week of a brand new semester. New modules, new classmates and new teachers. A fresh start. So here is my Sunday Summary for this week.

♥ My predictions for this semester are that I will love Photography, Web Graphics and Written Communications. Location Production sounds like just a little bit of a drag. I'm not really into movie making anyway. And Media in Society is so dry I just can't even.

♥  I wore this on my first day of school. So like first day of school ootd :)

♥ I learnt how to use the basics of photoshop. Besides making a GIF, I have yet to teach myself much about photoshop so I am so excited. My photoshop (web graphics) teacher is also really good. Last semester, we learnt Adobe Illustrator and my teacher basically just barrelled through it all without caring if we understood or not. So I felt like I only got like 40% of what I was supposed to get out of the whole thing. My photoshop teacher goes step by step and makes sure that every single person in the class can follow before he moves on. Anyway this is what I made in my first class:

 I have Rock Climbing for my sports class this semester and I actually think that might be pretty cool. I start tomorrow and my biggest worry is that someone might see my underwear if I'm climbing and they look up (oh you know what I mean).

  I haven't really been feeling too well this week. Even as I write this, I'm feeling pretty crappy and I'm in a lot of pain.

♥ I finished reading 'Shopaholic Ties The Knot' this week and I started 'Shopaholic & Sister' today. So far I think 'Shopaholic & Sister' is my favourite because it's been so hilarious. I love how she ran across hot coals in the middle of yoga class to get to that merchant selling necklaces. Major LOL moment.

♥ I'm desperately trying to come up with a monthly favourites post for this month but I don't know. It's just not happening and I still haven't had time to take any pictures. I might only manage a music favourites again. Hopefully I'll be able to put something together by the end of the month.

♥ Quite honestly, I've got work to do but I'm procrastinating.

♥ I restarted my previously inactive You can ask me questions through the link here.

 I just finished my first photoshop mini assignment which was to create a collage that included pictures of yourself surrounded by the things you love. I actually really like the finished product. I think it's really me.

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