Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My Daily Face Routine

Oh my goodness I never in a million years thought that I would be writing a blog post about this. But over the holidays, I've managed to establish a regular face and hair routine. I am no expert and I only do three basic things every day and one thing weekly but I still would like to share them with you.


1) Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash

So the first thing I do is to wash my face in the shower. I sometimes do this twice a day but if I'm lazy, I only do it once. I use the Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash from The Body Shop. My mom introduced it to me. It's really gentle and suitable for all skin types. If you've ever used Tea Tree Oil before, you would know that it smells amazing and it leaves a really pleasant and cool feeling on your face after you've washed it off. Just don't get it into your eyes because I swear it will burn your eyeballs out.

2) Moisturise

After I get out of the shower, I like to moisturise. Most of time I use a basic baby moisturiser from Johnson's Baby but sometimes I use the Nivea Intensive Moisturiser. Both work just wonderfully, though I personally feel like the Johnson's baby one makes my face feel softer. Also if I'm being frank, the Johnson's Baby one has a better value for money. I got the Nivea one in Bali for a pretty cheap price but it's much more expensive in Singapore. Yet with the design of the tube, it means that it is only half full and it finishes really quickly. So I feel that it's just not worth it.

3) Acne Mark Cleanser

My face scars easily and I hate that. So I use an Acne  Mark Cleanser from Clean & Clear. It smells heavenly! So far I haven't seen much of an improvement in my face but it smells so good that I don't really mind.

4) Exfoliation

This is currently my favourite face product. It's the St Ives Apricot Scrub which aims at giving you fresh skin. It's an exfoliating scrub and it smells amazing! I'm in love with it. It is however a deep exfoliation kind of product so I only use it twice a week (Wednesdays and Sundays though you can pick your own days based on your schedules). You have to be careful not to use this too much because over usage can strip the face of the necessary oils and things and will also stretch your pores. So twice a week is what is recommended on the tube and let me tell you that it makes your face feel so clean and lovely. It's fantastic and every one needs to exfoliate.

St Ives is branded and it was featured in a magazine so it's a little pricy. However it is so worth it. Unlike the Nivea moisturiser, it really gives you value for money. Also considering that you only need a little bit each time, this tube can last you a good amount of time. I would recommend spending the money on this rather then getting a crappy exfoliating wash that might even cause you to break out (I found that the Fruity Burst exfoliating wash by Clean & Clear actually made me break out).


I hope this helped you or gave you some ideas about the products you might like to try. Again, I'm no expert and I know that my facial routine is lacking especially compared to a whole lot of other people. But I'm trying and still learning so I think this is currently good enough.

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