Thursday, 30 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

I have always hated October and for the most part, November as well. That was because I was in Primary and Secondary school. Meaning that I had my final exams and results and report books and all that awful stuff. I was never the best academically. I struggled my whole life with exams and studying. I'm much better at hands-on things that don't involve math. So this year, is my first year of being out of that awful system. This is the first year in which I feel like I can truly appreciate life in itself. The last 11 years have just all been about studying and getting good grades. Dealing with bullies and having meltdowns because I just couldn't cope anymore.

This year, has truly been the absolute best year of my life. This year, I have especially enjoyed October. The first 20 days of October was still part of our semester break so I got to enjoy watching autumn videos and all kinds of awesome halloween things that all the youtubers were doing. I seriously enjoyed this month because I got to appreciate how beautiful autumn made other countries through the vlogs. I got to experience how seriously other countries take halloween and I got to enjoy that.

So thank you Youtubers for letting me experience Autumn and Halloween. Two things which we don't really have here in Singapore.

 Okay I just realised how sad that sounded. It's not my fault that we couldn't travel this year. It's just that my brother's school schedules and mine are completely clashing. Next year should be better because we will be on similar schedules again.

Anyway, I love Halloween and today I'm going to my school's Scare Fest and I'm pretty excited about that.

Happy Halloween guys! If you celebrate Halloween, I hope you have as much fun dressing up as I kind of did. I know it was a pathetic attempt but I tried to be a cat. The ears were more suited to be rabbit ears. So I guess I'm a cabbit. Okay I'll stop now.

P.S. How on earth is it already November tomorrow??!!