Monday, 8 December 2014

The Dark Road By Amanda Lance

Not every friendship is as harmless as it seems.

Loner James McKay wants nothing to do with Hadley Grayson. After all, the last thing a drug dealer needs is the pretty, new girl trying to be friends. Walking distractions like her lead to trouble, the kind that can get you 10 to 15 behind bars. 

Likewise, fencing champion Hadley Grayson isn’t thrilled about her family uprooting her during her senior year of high school. At least there’s James McKay, the quiet, mad scientist who is as adorable as he is mysterious.

Though McKay may reject the idea of friendship, he gets one whether he wants it or not. But once the lies are told and the rumors spread, the dangers of meth making and dealing are impossible to avoid. Between secrets and overdosing classmates, McKay and Hadley will learn that loneliness can be a two-way street, changing both of their lives forever. -Goodreads
When I was offered the chance to review this book, I immediately dropped everything to start reading it simply because it is an Amanda Lance book and after having read and loved Breakdown, I just had to read more from her. I'd also read a lot of the reviews about this book and nearly everyone said that they cried and that they hated the ending. And I love a good book that can make me cry. 

However, thanks to all the reviews, I pretty much guessed the ending before I even started reading the book. I mean when people say that they hated the ending and that they cried, it can really mean only one or two thing. But I won't spoil it. 

So this book, which switches points of view, follows the life of Hadley Greyson and James McKay. Hadley has just moved to a new town with her twin brother, Simon and her family. She is a good girl with a great family and fantastic grades. James lives with an abusive father and his dog (who is named Dog). James also cooks Meth and Ecstasy. So at first sight, they are polar opposites. 

However, one day, McKay strikes the curiosity of Hadley and despite the warnings from her brother, James and Hadley go one to have one hell of a special relationship. That is, until the illegal life James has been leading begins to catch up with him.

I absolutely adored this book. I loved Hadley and James together. I loved how they were so different yet somehow they had the perfect chemistry. This book just made me feel very mushy-gushy inside. 

I also loved how detailed Amanda was when it came to describing the drug making process. She obviously did her research with this one and I ended up learning a lot more about making Meth then I ever thought I would in my entire life. I also learnt even more about why I don't want to take drugs ever. I think that was a really good thing that Amanda did. She included the drug element but she did so very responsibly and she didn't glorify the making or taking of it.

The only problem I had with the book was the names. Amanda seemed to have a bit of an issue with naming her characters. Or maybe it was just me. I thought Hadley was a guy for a good part of the first chapter. And Hadley's best (girl) friend from her old home is named Jordan. Okay maybe it's just me.

Anyway, good job Amanda Lance. You deserved my 5 stars!
My Ratings: 5/5
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