Friday, 24 April 2015

Hometown Hunt

Hey guys! So guess what. Summer is around the corner and I quite frankly don't understand why the heck everyone is so excited. I live in Singapore and that means we have one weather all year round, every single day of our lives, and that is BLOOMING HOT.

But okay. One of my top readerships come from America so I'll cater to you guys who have the wonderful experience of four seasons in this post.

I recently discovered Eventbrite . Eventbrite is this cool site that helps you find and get the word out about events happening in your area. You can even visit their 'Sell Tickets' page to promote and track your events. But what really struck me was their 'Hometown Hunt' project. So basically, they are asking bloggers from all over the world to share more about a particular place in their country that does really cool events and things. Now you know me. I spend 50% of my life at home and the other 50% in school. So this question really made me think.

I finally decided to settle on the Grand Theatre at Marina Bay Sands. I first went there to watch the Broadway version of Lion King. It was the best musical I've ever watched. It was truly epic. The second time I visited was with my classmates. Our school too us to see the Broadway adaptation of The Sound Of Music. Again, I completely enjoyed myself.

The theatre is huge and gorgeous. It all just comes together to form this authentic experience of going to the theatre.

They put out all the Broadway shows which I personally adore. I love live musicals and so I love this place. If you're ever in Singapore, this is the place to go to watch a show.

*Apologies for the lack of quality on the pictures. These were crappy iPhone shots and my computer was being difficult when I tried to edit it*

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