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Part-Time Princess By Pamela Dumond

Lucy Trabbicio’s a down-on-her-luck, young, American, former biker-bar cocktail waitress desperate to find a job. Lady Elizabeth Billingsley hires Lucy to travel to Fredonia, the tiny jewel of a country in the Alps, for ten days ‘tops’ to impersonate her.

In the mother of all makeovers, Elizabeth’s people teach Lucy how to dress, walk, talk, eat, be coiffed and even get naked like a European Lady. 

The goal?

To keep Crown Prince Cristoph Timmel interested in Elizabeth until she finishes her unexpected, pressing personal business in the States.

But fate intervenes… Lucy meets and is wildly attracted to sexy, bad-boy Nick on the oh-so-long flights to Fredonia. Unfortunately for Lucy—Nick and Elizabeth have a hot sexual history, which Nick wants to immediately resume.
When the real Lady Elizabeth decides she’s not marrying Cristoph and never returning to Fredonia, Lucy’s faced with an uncomfortable decision—continue her deception, marry the prince she’s not in love with and live a dream life albeit without Nick, her dream guy? Or tell the truth and return to poverty and oblivion? - Goodreads

Let me start off by saying that this isn't  one of the best books I've ever read. It was a very childish and typical read. I pretty much knew what was going to happen and when it was going to take place every step of the way. So there was basically no room for creativity in the general outline of the book. 

However, that said, I must say that I found the book to be pretty laid back and quite a nice relaxing and funny read. Ever since the Shopaholic books, I've mainly been reading the darker stuff. I've been reading Gillian Flynn and other books about murders and things. So this was a nice change of pace.

This book could have basically been written for a young girl if it wasn't for the occasional F-word, the sex scenes and that one strip club. It was almost mocking the readers intelligence. For example, Lucy keeps on almost saying 'Elizabeth- I mean I would like that." or someone would be like, "Luc-Elizabeth" 

And it happens all the time and I'm just here wondering when someone is going to wise up and figure it out. Of course we have people who finally realise that she is not who she claims to be towards the end and where the story needed it. But I found it to be rather unrealistic.

And the dialogue was very very childish. *mild spoiler here* I mean, so they set up a full royal wedding. The press is there and its the hugest event ever. Mid way through the ceremony, Lucy decides to reveal that she is an imposter and no questions are asked.

"Queen Cheree-Can I keep the puppy?"
She leaned back in her pew, sighed and nodded. "So be it."
"Thank you everyone! Have a splendid day!"

And that's it. Lucy waltzes out of the church and goes home with her puppy and eats chocolate ice cream. I mean are you serious? And immediately she is dubbed 'Princess with a Heart'. I don't know about you but in the world I live in, if someone found out that Princess Kate or Prince William were an imposter, there would probably be riots. They wouldn't just brush it off and say "Oh well, the imposter was nicer then the real princess anyway. Let's sign a petition and get the imposter from Chicago who knows nothing about ruling a county and lets dub her Lady Lucy and get her to rule over us." And aren't there consequences for doing that at a huge wedding? This is a royal wedding. I'm thinking they had a Princess Kate and Prince William audience for their wedding. And she just skips along out. Are you serious?

I know I just dissed the whole book but I truly didn't mind it too much. It wasn't excruciatingly bad or anything (and I've read excruciatingly bad). It just isn't for readers who are too old or who are looking for something a bit more serious in nature.
My Rating: 3/5 
*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review*
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