Friday, 16 January 2015

50 Facts About Myself

Hey guys! This is a super special blog post for me because this is my 100th post! I've blogged a 100 times! I can't even believe that. This blog has been so much fun and has given me so many amazing opportunities. I can't thank each and every one of you wonderful readers enough for giving me the opportunity to express myself on the Internet. I can't wait to see where this blog goes but even if it goes nowhere, I will always know that doing this has brought me an incredible amount of joy and pride.

1) I don't remember a time in my life when I didn't love reading
2) My favorite animal is an owl because it can be cute and gentle but it can also claw your eyes out if you provoke it.
3) I sleep with a teddy bear that my brother bought me for my 16th birthday.
4) I really love the quiet
5) I get very stressed and anxious in noisy situations 

6) I can't watch horror movies and I stay away from shows with excessive gore, violence and dumbness.
7) I like Indie films. Like the kind you find at film festivals that are often not talked about much.
8) I frequently daydream
9) Half the time I have no idea what's going on.
10) I don't excel under pressure

11) I'm a morning person
12) I often worry that I will grow up and never get married or even have a boyfriend because I'm so awkward around everyone.
13) I brush my teeth in the shower because I don't like standing mindlessly at the sink.
14) My favourite shops are Bath & Body Works, Yankee Candle, Lush and Cotton On.
15) I feel the need to constantly check and recheck things. This is especially annoying at night when I'm all comfy in bed and I start thinking, "Did I turn off the bathroom light?" and I won't be able to sleep till I get out of bed and check.

16) I have a whole list of favorite Youtubers but my top two are Zoella and PointlessBlog
17) I have secretly always wanted to become a Youtuber but  I'm afraid to put myself out there.
18) My bed time routine is tedious but if I don't do every single thing, I won't be able to sleep.
19) A lot of my songs in my iTunes library are tracks used in TV shows.
20) I get anxious when my phone or laptop has less then 50% of battery

21) My favourite band is the Youtube Boy Band and Coldplay
22) When I'm studying I need to have either a pen or highlighter in my hand even if I don't need to use it.
23) This is my favourite number
24) I got chicken pox when I was 6
25) I got chicken pox literally 20 minutes before we were about to leave for our holiday (I'm not kidding or exaggerating in the slightest)

26) I struggle to make connections with people
27) I don't like to talk for too long
28) When I have a long day, I usually need time to just be quiet and be by myself 
29) I like to hug people. I think hugs are the best.
30) I absolutely hate airplane lavatories. I especially hate the sound when you flush because it's so loud and scary.

31) I'm an Apple fanatic
32) I wish I lived somewhere cold and that has all 4 seasons
33) I love winter the most because I love the cold and I love the snuggly-ness 
34) I tell my parents pretty much everything
35) I am a firm believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason.

36) I try my hardest to never put negative comments online (though as a reviewer, that is proving difficult)
37) My current phone is a gold iPhone 6 that my dad got me for my birthday
38) I want to be a journalist when I grow up. Preferably in the New York Times or the Huffington Post.
39) I love photography. Especially people photography

40) I would love the tiniest of a heart tattoo on my ankle one day but I'm also kind of against tattoos
41) I struggle with my left and right. Till today, when someone tell me to give them my right hand, I'll give them my left one. And when someone asks where to turn, I just point because I can't figure out my directions.
42) I need to have a bracelet or hair tie on my left wrist or I feel very uncomfortable
43) I get cold easily
44) I love just chilling out
45) My favourite piece of jewellery is an engraved Tiffany bracelet that my grandparents bought me for my 16th birthday. I wear it a lot.

46) I love classic Magnums
47) Purple is my favourite colour
48) I wrote a book when I was 10
49) I am 100% not musically inclined
50) I like to be the creator. I don't like obsessing over the work of other people as much as I like being the person behind the creation (Hence this blog and my Instagram and Tumblr fan page)

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