Sunday, 25 January 2015

King Sized Beds & Happy Trails by Becca Ann & Tessa Marie

Lexie Boggs needs out of her house… away from her alcoholic mother and far away from the “white trash” label that’s been smacked across her chest. She’s saved every penny from her multiple jobs so she can dart out of there as soon as she graduates. But there's something else she wants so badly she's willing to spend every dime she has. Her senior class trip and the chance to seduce the senior hottie, Sean Dixon.

Ryan Parker knows how much college means to his best friend, Lexie. He also knows Sean is a player on a search for how many girls he can get in his bed. So instead of letting Lexie drain out her piggy bank, he forks out the dough to get her on the senior ski trip. Not only because she’s his best friend, but because he’s face-planted in love with her.
When Ryan and Lexie get jammed in the same cabin, with one king-sized bed and a whole lot of history, Ryan fights to keep his feelings hidden, while Lexie discovers some of hers. - Goodreads

This book is amazing! It's almost exactly like the fluffiest fan fiction you've ever read. No. scratch that. It IS the fluffiest fan fiction you've ever real. This book reads like fan fiction. It's basically a lot of lovey-dovy, drippy, soppy, mushy, love. There's all the cute touching and the play-wrestling and the snow fights and protective urges and the pouty lip look and the boy comforting the girl. THE FEELS!

“How'd you sleep?"
"Like I was in paradise."
"I have no problems with you calling my body paradise. Do me a favor and spread the word. Chicks love that shit.” 

So this story, like I mentioned above, is very fluffy. In fact, I probably only liked it because I myself used to write fluffy fan fiction (*inserts shameless link to fan fiction. PS. read the Titanic one. It's my best one). Okay I'm sorry. Back to the book.

I found the book to be very cute and funny and 100% swoon-worthy. I loved watching Ryan and Lexie's relationship slowly move from friendship to love. And I loved that Ryan was such a sweetheart towards Lexi (I suppose some might call him whipped but I think that's exactly how a guy should behave towards a girl). I loved how the authors wrote. Their writing styles were simple but impactful.

Basically I absolutely adored this book and if you're into a short, fluffy read which will make you swoon, then you need to read this.

My Rating: 5/5
*This book was given to me to read and review by the author, Cassie Mae*
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