Thursday, 3 July 2014

Plot Twist: TFIOS Edition

Plot twist: The real reason why Gus was at that gas station to buy a new pack of cigarettes was not because he had misplaced them but rather because he had finished smoking them. Saying that it was a metaphor was just so that he could keep cigarettes on him whenever he wanted. His cancer came back because he had started to smoke.

(I'm sorry. I know you must think I have a real issue with TFIOS. I don't. Really.)

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  1. Wait, won't Gus reek of tabacco? I mean, considering the proximity of Hazel Grace and Gus during their "hangout sessions", won't she be able to at least guess that he smokes? I know a smoker when I'm next to one. UNLESS, because Hazel uses the oxygen tube thing, she can't smell??!! (That's a weird thought...)