Monday, 30 June 2014


For about a year and a half I have been the proud owner of a Vampire Diaries fan page on Instagram. It's called Obsessedwithvamps and as of today I have 5.5K+ followers. I love my account. I have made so many great friends through it and I have learnt and improved so much in my editing. I'm very proud of what I have achieved with Obsessedwithvamps.

I regularly check back with my followers to get their feedback on my account. I do this because I truly value what my followers think about my account and I do want to make my account better. I always aim to make my account better. Till today, all I have ever received has been positive feedback. People love my account and my edits. Besides the occasionally negative comment or fight, I have never received anything that was intentionally nasty (well except for the people that start fights with me).

Last night, I posted a shoutout for my brother. I promised a shoutout in return for following him which I do often and I usually return as many as I possibly can. After posting, I fell asleep. I woke up to a conversation on the picture saying that it was a scam and someone said that I was lame and that they thought I was better then that. Immediately I returned the shoutout. I tagged the person in the shoutout and replied to her saying that I do return shout outs and that I simply fell asleep. She replied an hour later saying, 'I didn't get a notification about a shout out. You're sneaky.' etc. I replied saying that I left her shoutout up for 10 minutes like I do for all shout outs and then took it down. It was there. Is it my fault that she didn't see? She didn't reply.

When I got back from school, I decided to make a video to clarify the fact that as far as possible, I try to not scam and to always return shout outs. I posted it and within minutes I had three people commenting. This is what these lovelies said:

I was so touched because I didn't ask them to comment anything nice. I simply posted a video. So I was really happy. And then, someone commented,

'Your ugly'. That was her exact comment (yes it was grammatically wrong). 

I saw it and immediately the fact that 3 people just called me pretty and perfect ceased to matter. All that mattered was this one comment. I instantly replied saying that she was being rude. A few minutes later, two followers jumped to my defence as well. The person didn't reply. I took down the video.

 I was hurt but I was having lunch and watching 'Revenge' at that time so I ignored it. Later that afternoon, after doing some school work, I was surfing the net and I just paused. I stopped and this person's comment came back to me. The word UGLY kept repeating in my mind for a minute or two. I realised that this person's comment had affected me quite a bit. 

I struggle a lot with how I see myself and how I feel about my body. I did not need this comment.

 I did not write this post because I wanted sympathy. One comment is nothing. I know that and I'm not going to cry myself to sleep because of it.

I wrote this post because of how easy it was for this person to pass a two word comment like that and how much  it upset me. Imagine 2 of these kinds of comments? 200? 2000?  That what cyber bully victims go through. I finally understand how someone can take their life based on cyber bullying. If that one comment hurt me enough for me to take time out of my day to reflect on it, imagine what a cyber bully victim goes through.

My point is to be careful what you say on the Internet. Don't pass nasty comments just for the sake of doing it. It hurts. It really does. It's so easy to post two words. It's also so easy to bring someone down.  "You're pretty", 'You're ugly". Be careful. Be kind.

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