Thursday, 5 March 2015

Wanted By Amanda Lance

Considering she’s a girl who calculates everything, Addie Battes knew the statistical probability of being abducted in her lifetime—too bad she never analyzed the odds of falling in love with her captor.

While stopping at a crowded rest area one summer night, seventeen-year-old Addie accidentally catches a truck hijacking in progress. Desperate to rid the crime of its only witness, one of the thieves kidnaps Addie. Now, forced on board a cargo ship in the middle of the ocean, Addie finds herself surrounded by international smugglers who want nothing more than to throw her overboard.

All except the artistic and intriguing Charlie Hays, whose strange protectiveness convinces Addie to trust him, even when common sense tells her otherwise. Yet, despite her doubt, and his unrelenting temper, their relationship develops into something much more.
It honestly pains me to write this review. I've read two of Amanda Lance's books in the past. I read 'The Dark Road' and 'Breakdown'. I absolutely adored those two books. In fact, 'Breakdown' is one of my favourites. So I expected nothing short of wonderful with 'Wanted'. Unfortunately I was sorely mistaken.

I have always been intrigued by Stockholm's Syndrome but I'm aware that it can be a very tricky topic to write about and therefore I rarely read books on the subject. When writing fiction on this topic, one has to be careful not to turn their book into something that reads like fan fiction or an erotica (considering that it was not their original intent).

From the very first chapter, I was shaking my head. This book was awful. She started falling for her captor mere hours after she was abducted. I mean if it were me, I would still be fighting the shock of being freaking kidnapped! I would be thinking of my poor dad who was probably walking around the gas station frantically looking for me rather then how pretty my kidnapper's eyes are. Good grief! I mean there was no build up whatsoever! She just falls in love with him. There was no iota of forbidden love or whatever. No sense of the fact that what she was doing was wrong. Nothing. Nada. 

And then okay, she finds herself on a ship on the way to Singapore. Okay. What does she do? She doesn't think about escaping or stealing a phone to call for help. No no. She decides to befriend her captors, cook for them, and spend her days cuddling with her main kidnapper, Charlie. I mean what. Excuse me have you forgotten your poor father, brother, hometown and entire police crew who are all frantically trying to find you?? She is infuriating.

And then what happens? She gets into a fight with Charlie. So in the rain, she crawls to the bottom of the boat and nearly kills herself because she's curled up and pretty much frozen there for ages. When Charlie inevitably saves her, instead of thinking about how she could have died or how much danger she was in, she thinks about how her fight with Charlie upset her and how much she loves him. UGH!

I'm sorry but this book was so crap. I felt like I was reading some tween girl's fan fiction. If I wanted to read horribly developed fan fiction, I would have gone to Wattpad. Such a disappointment from an author that I truly like.

My Rating: 2/5
*A copy of this book was provided to me by the publishers to read and review*