Friday, 20 March 2015

Seattle: The Day Before

Credits: Mike Meisenbach

Hey guys! I haven't done a personal post like this or anything really fun on this blog in ages. Ever since semester 2 started, I got so busy that I only really had time for book reviews. So I thought what a better time to start then today. The day before I go to America for the first time.

Tomorrow I will be flying off to Seattle for a 2 week long study trip with my school. We will be spending 5 days in Seattle then we will take a bus to Portland and spend 5 days there. While we are there we will be filming, writing and learning more about the American media industry as well as all the sights in the area. And of course we are jam packed with things to do and see and I'm just super super super excited about everything.

I've never been to America even though it's the number one thing on my bucket list so you can imagine my excitement when I  got told that I would be going to Seattle. Of course the number one place I want to go is New York but Seattle is just as pretty and cool so I really don't care.

I'm quite nervous too. I want to make sure that I'm dressed well and that I don't look like a giant puff ball in my jackets. I'm also pretty nervous about the fact that out of the 22 students going, I know only 2 people. That is completely nerve-wracking for me and I'm trying my best to remain calm about that fact. My anxiety is high. I keep getting these bursts of anxiety where I feel like someone is squeezing my heart. At the same time, I also get burst of 'OMG I'M GOING TO AMERICA!!!".

I'm going to try to blog every day or so while I'm there so you can stay up to date with me but I can't promise because we will be super busy and also Seattle is 16 hours behind Singapore so that's quite a crazy time difference. However, I will make sure I somehow immortalise my memories on this blog. Even if it's only after the trip is over.

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